Hello everyone, hope youa re all keeping ok.

I just have a quick question, im nearly 9 weeks now, got my scan date through yesterday, this is my first baby. I havent really had any symptoms, boobs have been quite sensitive but thats it. The trouble is i keep getting tummy ache, last night in bed it was quite bad, but i have no bleeding. Just wanted to know if its normal, cos i dont know. :\?

Amber xx xx :\)


  • It'll be where everything is stretching and expanding, growing with ur growing bean!! Between now and 12 wkish is when things start to move upwards as more space is needed!!
  • hun i think if you are getting pain contact gp or mw and ask for a scan at early pregnancy unit if they have one.
    Had same thing yesterday and had early scan for reassurance, pains had gone when i got there but saw my little bean and heartbeat and all was ok.
    Take care
    Filo x
  • Thankyou x pain has eased a bit now, will see how i get on, my 12 week scan isnt till 23rd may, seems ages away!! I just worry thats all, just need to relax i guess.
  • i never had a 12 week scan so next time i see ma baby will be at my 20 week scan in 3 weeks time. soooo excited x
  • I dont think there is too much to worry about with my first i had all sorts of aches and pains it is just your body adapting to your baby!!! im 6 weeks pg at the moment and i get the odd twinge but if they are serious pains i would defiantly contact your mw as the docs are rubbish x x x take care
  • I dont even know who my midwife is, just went to the doc and then got my scan date through for 12 weeks. you would think everywhere would be the same with pregnancy! I suppose part of me thinks im not pg and i will come on soon! lol. You dont believe it i guess till you see it on the screen.
  • you should have had an appointment with your mw by now or at least have one booked!!! i went to the docs on monday and they booked me an app with the mw for today. maybe things are done differently in different places xx
  • Sounds like you are just having pains where everything is stretching and growing, Amber. I had some aches and pains as well, when I mentioned them to the doctor he got me an early scan but it turned out to be nothing to worry about. I expect you will be given your booking in appointment when you go for your 12-week scan, it can vary a lot depending where you live. But if you do get worried about the pain or you want to see a mw before that I would give the hospital a ring, they should be able to make you an appointment or at least give you another contact number.
  • you really need to have had a booking apointment with midwife so they can make sure that you have some notes that are updated and with you have aome aches and pains get 1 booked then you will have got peace of mind hope it helps
  • Hiya
    thankyou for all your advice, it really does help me put my mind at ease x , my sister in law is only 3 weeks ahead of me, she went for her 12 week scan last week and saw the mw then, we then have to see our community one at 16 weeks at the docs. I know its prob all normal, all the aches and pains but i suppose cos i havent been through it before im feeling every little twinge! lol.
    I was convinced i was coming on my period in asda this morning, but no! lol.
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