Bolloming and Bumps!!

Hi everyone, i'm at that stage where i just want to have a bump to stroke and to bloom and have energy again, right now i look ill, ashen and distraght.
At what stage did any of you mother andmothers to be start showing a bump and when did you get to that blooming stage (if at all it does exist)

A very tired Jess!! ;\)


  • thanks kelly, , i must admit this week hasn't been as bad as over Christmas ect, so hopefully it's all improving. I guess i was on eof those hoping they would never get sickness but that wasn't to be.

  • Hi Jess,
    I've heard that you bloom if you are having a boy and can look a bit er rough if you have a girl as the hormones take all your female energies - apparently!!! My mum bloomed with me though, or so she keeps telling me so guess its rubbish!! I have days when i look ok and people tell me i am blooming and days when i don't look good at all (i'm nearly 20 weeks) that's been since about 15 weeks. I'm still exhausted so i too am waiting for this burst of enegy - i think its all lies!!!
  • Well I stopped being sick at 10 weeks, got a bump at about 15 weeks. I'm 23+4 and feel like I've only just started 'blooming', I feel a lot less tired then I did even 2 weeks ago and my hair is better as well (it was really greasy in the early weeks lol).

    I hated early pregnancy, it annoyed me sooo much that just cos I wasn't showing everyone expected me to be normal when I felt like poo. Like Kelly I get all bugs that are going round as well!
  • hi iam 20 wks and people keep telling me i look great, that pregnancy suits me and i am "blooming" but up until about 2 weeks ago i felt so rubbish..i do feel alot better in myself NOW, but when they were telling me i looked great i felt rubbish. i started getting a noticable bump around 18 weeks but this is my second, it wasnt til about 26 weeks with my first.
    and kelly, yes i have a major spot breakout!! i am prone to the odd spot when it is my period but this is rediculous, i am actually eating loads more fruit than i ever normally would its making me get spots, i thought it was meant to be good foryou?!?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • I'm still waiting to bloom, I'm 19 weeks and it's been pretty shit so far. I have felt generally awful with blinding headaches. I have been in mat clothes since 14 weeks, all I do is eat, sleep and go to work. And a sober festive season didn't really cheer me up!! But I'm told it's all worth it in the end. xx
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