cramping in back and belly and tightnings

i'm 35w 4d and from about 9pm last night i was getting period type aching in my back,hips,belly and legs. was also getting tightning in my belly. i get bracxton hicks quite often but they arent usually painful like this (just annoying) ive been cleaning like a crazy woman this past week too. the pains continued all night and only stopped this morning, im still quite sore in my back from it all. has anyone else had this or got any advice ?? this baby is so not ready to be born yet


  • Sounds like your body is just getting ready for action but I'd phone the midwife just to be sure. I had a similar experience to this in the last few weeks leading up to having my daughter and it was quite scary but she was born at 40 weeks to the day. Try not to worry, hopefully all is fine xx
  • I would say it's ur body preparing and shifting the baby down into the right position. Also, if I remember rightly, they do get more intense as you approach D-Day but if you do have any concerns or they get into a regular rhythm then call MW or if at nite, the number you have for maternity/labour ward for advice hun.

    Take Care xx

  • i know its not real labour cos they started 2 mins apart. really crampy and painful i got so fed up i went to bed. woke up a few times in the night for a wee and was still getting them. im feeling more pressure on my pelvis/hip bones all of a sudden too.another 4 weeks of this will be a nightmare
  • im going through the same thing right now hun, im in a lot of pain with it, today is the 3rd day. im hoping something big happens soon and this baby gets on the way finally! if you do go to your midwife let me know what she says. im due to see mine tomorrow so i will let you know what she says if thats any help to ya XXX

  • saw my midwife yesterday (8 weeks since i last saw here) pitty it started after my bloody visit lol. its was like the beginings of a period, its not so bad now just achy. i really want to get to 37weeks then i know everything will be ok with my little bub. tightnings have really increased in the last week or so aswell. thanks for the advice and let me know what your midwife says plz xxx
  • yeh i will do hun, although at this rate i wont be able to wait till tomorrow, mine are really getting worse again. they are going right through me and finishing in my back. Its awful! XX

  • have you been timing them ?
  • yeh im getting about 8 mins between them, ive never gone into labour naturaly before so im quite nervous lol xx

  • you should ring your labour ward right now hun. your 37weeks and considered full term. xxx this could b it !!
  • oh dont get me all excited!! hehe, i think i will wait a little while, if i am i have to call my hubs home from work and my friend over for the boys etc.. seems a lot of hassle if its just me being silly lol. if i end up on the floor then i might consider it ha ha xxx

  • well if you wanna wait you should get your bag n stuff ready by the door. camera, hospital notes, change for hospital parking ect, just in case lol. if they get to 5 mins apart and lasting over 40 seconds i'd deffo ring midwife xx
  • yeh thanks for the advise, ive been induced with my other 2 so its making me very nervous not knowing when my baby is comeing ha ha and with the last labour being so fast im totally blind as to when to call the midwife! im sue to see her in the morning aswell imagine if she examines me in the morning and ive started dilateing!

  • Hi all ive been having this everynight for the last almost 2 weeks and is getting stronger and stronger by the day everytime they get regular and i think about ringing the labour ward coz they r every 5 mins etc then they seem to just stop after a few hrs i keep thinking maybe slow labour but think im just getting my hopes up coz im fed up now lol sorry if i havent given u much hope of it stopping but i have a feeling its going to continue till the birth Sophie 36 wks xx

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