clary sage oil????

Hi Ladies,
Does anyone know about Clary Sage Oil for the bath, I have read that it is good, but when?? Whilst in labour?? Just in General?? What does it do or help with?? When i googled it it said not to be used when pregnant which confused me because i know some midwifes recommend it. I have a bottle here unopened and just dont know what to do with it as it doesnt come with instructions.

Please help!!!

38 + 2

KNP xx


  • It's not meant to be good because its something to do with slowing down babys hb which is obviously not recommended. But thats all I know, sorry. x
  • im a beauty therapist and an aromatherapist , and it is brilliant during labour as it helps the cervix dilate and relax muscles. but it shouldnt be used at all before 37 weeks as it can stimulate uterine contractions. hope this helps! xx
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