anyone else sore when walking?

hi i have been haivng pain in pelvis area for a few weeks now, but today and yesterday i have been finding it really sore to walk, the pain is more inbetween my legs, like the tops of insides of thighs.

is this related to the pelvis pain or is it something different?

i have to walk about 15 mins (each way) to my daughters nursery and back and its usually after this that i find it worse, but its an unavoidable trip, she has to go to nursery.

i have to keep going becasue i have a 3 year old but by the time oh is home i am in agony. i find it hard bending to do washings, or any other housework, i am only 25.5 wks so atill have a while to go.

i feel like im about 80yrs old, all stiff and stuff and my back aches every day.

this didnt happen to me last time, it was a breeze last time, didnt feel much different.

can anyone help?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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  • thanks i have an appt in couple weeks and was going to see if i could just last til then, but i doubt it after how i feel today, think i will phone and try to get an earlier app x
  • Hi Zoe and lauragcam, this sounds the same to the pains that I have been having, like you can feel all the muscels at the top os your legs up towards your belly button moving and pulling when walking. I spoke to my midwife about it and she said that it was something called round ligament streching and was nothing to worry about. basically its the muscels and everything moving, pulling and streching to make room for the growing baby. To be honest I was really worried at first but this really put my mind at rest.
    Tammi 22+5
  • yes i was told the same thing, cause when you are pregnant your ligments and muscles relax so you get the pain, i have started getting shooting pains in the center of my pelvis lol thanx to baby moving down into my pelvis lol.

  • do you get it when you stand on one leg (like maybe to put a sock on), if i lift up one leg the hip/pelvis at the other side gets so sore.
  • yes thats exactly what its like!!! Hate getting dressed / undressed! Find that getting up and walking about really helps although this is really sore!
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