Now on Crutches :(

Well I had my first physio for SPD today and have been told I need crutches to get around, although I'm avoiding using them until it really hurts to walk. I also having a very attractive looking support belt to wear image My right hip is killing me today and I only slept for about 3 minutes (possibly an overexaggeration lol) last night.

Who else is suffering today?



  • every day is a struggle !!! but its kinda nice to know that everyone else is in the same boat ! i only used my crutches for emergancy as i have a 2bed house and not big enough to really use them plus at work the shop floor was very safe !! support belt i found really helped though x
  • I do like the support belt but I'm only going to use the crutches when I'm out as they take a bit of the pressure off my hips, do feel a bit like a cripple and very sorry for myself image

  • i know all the boys/men at work are like whats wrong with you and im like its a side affect from being pg and they dont understand oh thinks i make it all the time !! men wish they knew half of what we have to go through!!
  • I completely understand what you mean. I think my hubby is trying to understand but failing quite miserably, he hasn't been horrible about it he just doesn't get what "all the fuss is about" but when I came home with crutches today I think he finally got it image

  • yea stu came to physio with me but still thinks im crazy cos i have to explain that i only get the pain at like 8:30-9 when i lay on the sofa and when i lay down in bed !! so i think the physio thinks im crazy to !! although i had two crutches i do not use both now i dont want to give them back though and tempt fait !!
  • hi there thought id reply as i 2 am suffering but my midwife has not yet done anything about it.I feel very sore any emotional 2day as i had no sleep last night due to achey n pelvis and they are even worse 2day.i feel sorry 4 my little girl cuz avnt been able 2 do much with her,took her 2 jo jingles this mrnin but it killed walking there!i c midwife nxt week so will bang on bout it again c if she'll refer me 2 physio.
    emotional mummy 2 b!! 27 wks + 3 days xx
  • Hiya!
    I hate hate hate using my crutches but my oh follows me round whenever i dont use them coz he knows i'll end up in agony! He even grassed me up to the physio yesterday! He can be really good and understanding but then goes through a faze of huffing and puffing which usually ends up with me in tears coz I hate feeling useless! Most of the time I am an "independant bitch" apparently so I fight him constantly!

    Am in bloody agony tonight - sat in hairdressers chair for 2 1/2 hours today has completely f********d me up! (excuse language but its how I feel tonight)

    Am gonna decorate my crutches - have any of you ladies?

    Love lee
  • hiya - I have to use my crutches all the time now - although try to get by with one in the house but has to be 2 if I go anywhere - I am in agony with any weight bearing activity. Turning in bed is just agony - it feels like a major marathon!!
    Tips I have found useful - might help some of you -

    - Invested in a big body pillow from mothercare which supports under my bump and then in between my legs.

    - I also have a 'wedge' for either under my bump or at my back.

    - I also lie with a hot water bottle either at my back or under my bump - whichever is sorest at the time!

    Sounds really great and sexy eh? Just as well we have a huge bed - my husband doesn't get anywhere near me - poor thing!

    - Painkillers - I take co-codomol 8/500 through the day and then take stronger 30/500 before going to bed. Doesn't take pain away by any means, but gives some relief. Stronger ones before I go to bed mean I am a bit more comfy in bed.

    I often feel I won't be able to actually walk when I get up thru the night - like my legs/hips are going to completely fail me - fingers crossed hasn't happened yet.

    - During the day - rest with feet together and maybe slightly raised on bean bag, hot water bottle in situ. I take turns at lying on my side with pillows in between my legs, on the couch.

    For those of you embarrassed to use the crutches - I totally empathise - I was mortified at first, but they do help and you should use them - I am completely dependant on them now!

    My oh got a fright when I admitted I almost gave in and asked him to get a wheel chair at b&q - its getting to that now sister suggested getting a mobility scooter to go round the shops with her and a few weeks ago I said absolutely no way!! Now I'm thinking about it - just to get out and try to get some stuff before baby comes...

    It is agony and a pain, but at least we can give each other support - it really helps me to know I'm not on my own in this!!

    Has everyone checked out they have great tips for your birth plan etc and tips for after the baby too....

    I've just written a letter to my local council to see if I can get a blue badge for the car - not counting on it but gotta try!

    take care

  • Thanks for those tips mate - have also got a couple!

    My OH puts a hairband/boob tube around my knees in the evening so am not in the least bit tempted to move around! Romance IS DEAD!

    In the car I use a shiny cushion that we picked up for a couple of quid - it makes trying to get in and out much easier.

    The other one my physio told me is to sleep ON a sleeping bag or shiny sheets as it may help with movement in the night. Am still trying to get hold of these so cant say if it works or not!

    For painkillers I am on codeine phosphate and my doc has told me that if I take a paracetomol with it - it makes it work better!

    Any more ladies??????
  • Hi Girls I had my 24 week check up with the midwife yesterday and what she thought at the start where round ligament stretching pains had developed into mild SPD. Although I do feel sorry for all of you I also really pleased that mine is only mild. She has advised that if I really look after myself at this stage hopefully I can prevent it from getting really bad. So reading all your tips and advise has been very interesting and I will certainly be following alot of them. Must admitt didn't relise just how hard it was to keep your legs together as much as possible! Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  • I forgot to say, my osteo suggested lying on top of a folded duvet - to make it softer and more comfortable - does help a bit, the shiny one sounds a good idea, so does the cushion
  • thanks Lara, you sound like you have your work cut out for you normally with RA too.

    I feel like I've got worse this week and struggling even more - evn to sit for any time. Went to our first parent craft lesson with midwife today - felt sooo jealous of the other mothers bounding in with their big bumps and walking so fast! Its just unfair. On the other hand I am very very grateful to be pregnant at all with a baby boy kicking my tummy to bits!!

    Take care and keep in touch to let us know how you get on. You planning a water birth?

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