Waaaaaaaay To much info - but advice please!

Hey Girls,

This is discussing but a have just had a solid clear jelly come out of my privates! when I wiped with Tissues there was quite a bit... Is this normal? (i'm thinking not?) Eeww at telling people...

I haven't been around much - not been well and my waters keep going so up and down to the hospital like a yo yo - really can't face it again today... and honestly feel that if I go they are just going to think I am a first time mum who worries about every single little change in her body... I am 30 weeks tom.. and know you can get more discharge but I didn't think it would be jelly like??

They told me my waters have sealed them selves again (have you ever heard of this happening?) half the staff think I just wet myself and half think it was aminotic fluid (my scan shows my fluid amount has reduced since it happened) and i do know what urine is like an it certainly wasn't urine it was clear and white bits in it and was slimey... if I just wet myself although I would of been slightly embarressed I would of just though oh well one of those things that happen with so much pressure on your bladder.. didn't smell like urine either (yuck at admitting to that lol)

any advice girls... *ques hero music* and girls come to my rescure ... AGAIN!! :lol:

thanks Hunnys! xx


  • Sounds like a show to me matey image
  • i had somthing like that in my last pregnancy and i rang my midwife it was about the size of palm of hand and she told me it was a show id ring ure midwife or ure gp just be on the safe side and get advice they wont think ure a first time mum worrying about everything ure bound to and plus its there job to cheak you out let me know how you go on xxxx
  • that would be your "show" or mucus plug coming away. this is a plug of jelly like stuff which is at the top of the cervix "plugging in" the opening to the womb. it comes away near the end of pregnancy, sometimes it doesn't appear until giving birth, other times (like myself) it comes away slowly in dribs and drabs over a few weeks. it's perfectly normal, usually clear, and often has streaks of blood in it, sometimes its more jelly ish, sometimes more runny. it doesnt neccesarily mean you'll be giving birth anytime soon, it can come away months before baby arrives. the only advice i do have though is not to have anymore sex! once this plug comes away, the womb is unprotected from bacteria which can be transfered during sex. hope thats cleared it up for you hun! xxx
  • Yeah this def sounds like a show to me. I had mine start on Tuesday and have had more everyday since. Still NO def sign of labour though grrrr. I would recommend you speak to your midwife who will be able to confirm it for you. But honestly without wanting to worry you I dont believe it should come so early. The longest I have heard of it happening before birth is about 2.5weeks, and i have asked around alot this week since having mine. Good luck and keep us posted.
  • Sounds like a show to me too, think you should be phoning the mw.
    Good luck
  • Hello love, sorry to hear you're having all this, but at least you and bub are ok - we were starting to worry about you!

    I would definitely phone your mw just to keep her abreast of any developments. They'd much prefer to know what's going on and I'm sure they can tell from your tone of voice that you're not over-reacting.

    Take care xx
  • My mum lost her mucus plug at 16 wks but still carried me to term so sometimes is not a problem but may be best to get it chkd just the same.

    Regarding waters resealing - I had that with my 3rd at least twice. Sometimes there can be a pocket that pops but then the little hole that's left seals over to keep the rest in. I remember being told to keep an eye on it and if it became a consistent loss to then go to hosp.
  • Hey hun i would say it was your show it doesnt always have blood in it, with my first daughter it didnt yet this time round it did, it DOESNT mean your going to defo go into labour so dont panic, your midwife doesnt need to know you have had one but just mention it the next time you go i had my show at about 28 weeks this time round and still went 6 days overdue i just mentioned id had one when i went for an appointment and they said it was ok just to call them if i started getting contractions not long now anyway hun 10 weeks encounting lol Sophie, Ashleigh and Teigan xx



  • I don't know what it is but my friend had her show 3 weeks before the baby came! The midwife told her to stop work, which she did and told her she'd have the baby by Friday (this was on the Tuesday). But no, baby came 3 weeks later in a very quick delivery!


  • Hi im 30 +1 weeks and have jelly like stuff every few days i think its just normal as your body produces more hormones and discherge when pg i think if was a show it might be slightly bloody, with my two shows they were thick slimey stuff with a tinge of red and little red bits in, also last time with my son my waters started leaking at 34 weeks and they sealed themselves and i went 6 days overdue with him. I know its easier said than done but try not to worry and just rest and take it easy if you have loads more or start getting pains i would ring hospital or mw hope this helps take care.
    vikki xx
  • hi got my sho with previous babies at 30 wks no blood but this time round sounds a bit like u describe although i told myself i was just hoping that it would start soon n was jumping to the must b in labour conclusion every ten mins xxxxxxxxxxx laura 37wks
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