upset but just wanted to talk :)

its a year today wen my grandad died and im so upset i just wish he could see my lil bubba n stuff i know im just goin on but i needed to tell some one! he was like a dad to me. im sorry for goin on a bit. he was only 65.
but on the bright side wen bubbas born im putting a pic near his grave so he can see his great grand child image
bec x x


  • Hi, I understand how you feel. I lost my mum 2 years ago when she was 59. And I have days like this when I'm upset about her not being able to see my son and the baby that i'm carrying.
    If you ever need to talk about it I'm here and I hope you feel a lil better soon. Also it's a really nice idea by putting a pic near his grave.

    Big hugs
  • well what made it worse wen he died was my aunty died 2 weeks b4 that n grandad in law died a week b4 that!
    thanks hayley! it just seems wrong that they go and there not even old and have so many things they still wanted to do image
  • I know how you feel Bec, and Hayley. My mum died when she was just 50 and it seems so wrong when they're taken so young with so much life left to live. She never got to see her grandchildren (my sister has two) and I find it very upsetting that she's not here to share in my excitement at having my first baby. I'd give anything to have her back in my life.

    Keep you chin up Bec. I have faith in the fact that my mum is looking down on me watching everything that goes on so she is in some way a part of my life still. I'm sure it's the same for your grandad, your aunty and your grandad-in-law. It's a lovely thought to put a photo of your lo on your grandad's grave. And don't beat yourself up about feeling sad. It's only natural to feel sad and miss lost loved ones on or around the anniverary of their death. You're only human afterall. Big hugs at this difficult time xxxxxxx
  • You must of had a really bad time of it, when it all happened at once.
    I still say now that my mum should never had died at what seems such a young age these days. When I used to get upset while I was pregnant with my son I use to sit and talk to my bump and tell him about all the things that we use to do. One thing that cheers me up is when my neices ( who are 6) come here for a holiday and they tell my ds that his nanny is a star in the sky and when he is old enough they will show him which one she is.Which is so sweet.
  • thats lovely hayley! i hope my lil bro n sis tell my lo all about him they were only 4 and 5 when he died and they didnt really understand but they now know hes a star in the sky and hes always the brightest! the wierdest thing is that my granma had my mum wen she was 20 my mum had me wen she was 20 and now wen i have my lo il be 20 too. grandad always said it would happen lol image
  • Its nice to know that they do think about you having children before they go. The night before my mum died she turned and said to me to go home and live my life and not waste anymore on her as she knew she wasn't coming out of hospital and that she will always be watching me no matter what. she also told me that my first child would be a boy and it was, which made me ever so happy.
    I will always think of her no matter what. You will never forget the day that you lost him, but you should always think about the memorys you have and it will make you cope a little better.


  • i know how you feel. my grandad died in october when i was about 18 weeks pregnant. he was so much looking forward to seeing his first greatgrand child. it was even mentioned how excited he was in the funeral. i take comfort in the fact knowing that he was the first person to see the 12 week scan after me and my fiance. he called it the slug. took a pic of my 20 week scan up to the grave with a letter in an envelope the other weekend. i couldnt have him missing out.
    he was in hospital and had on of his legs amputated due to diabetic ulceration and he was fretting when he found out about the baby about how he was going to bath the child, because he loved doing it with all his grand kids. he was the sweetest man i ever known and i miss him so much. i know that he will be watching down over me, just like yours will be. im just glad that he got to see the pic of my baby. if it was a boy we were going to name it after his family and his son (my uncle who died in a motorbike accident when i was 1) but we are having a little girl, which i know he would have been chuffed about!! there isnt a day that goes by that i dont think about him. the baby is due the day after his birthday too! it would be so nice if she was born then! a real tribute!

    dont think about losing him, just think that he will be with you werever u go.

    love grace and baby xxx 24 weeks + 3
  • thats so nice grace. this would of been my grandads 1st great granchild its real hard tho! that would be great if you had her on his bday! my grandad had trouble with his heart and had his arteries around his heart replaced and he was just about to have a transplant then he had a heart attack and died but the hospital wer tellin him all the time wat was happenin this caused himto get worked up an worried
  • my grandad died in july i found out i was preg only about 3 weeks later and now i have been given a due date of his birthday which to me would be a perfect tribute to my grandad as i love and miss him everyday xxx
  • My situation is the same as yours Roxy07. My mum died 3 yrs ago aged 58 and i think about her everyday. My eldest was really close to my mum but my youngest was only 3 when she died and finds it hard to remember her. Am hoping that this one I am carrying is a girl because my mum was "Pat" and really wanna call this one "Patsy" after her!
  • thats lovely oldermum! if im having a girl im calling her isabelle alice as alice was my grt grandmas name (grandads mum) my grandad was called frank so i dnt think id have that name as a middle name cnt think of any thin to go with it image
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