Did your bbt show that you were pregnant?

Hi ladies , just popping over from the ttc forum! I wondered if any of you ladies were charting your bbt before you got pregnant. I would be interested to know at what stage your temp went up and what it went up too. My bbt has gone higher in the last two days, higher than its ever been in the last 3 mths of charting! Im very hopefull that its a good sign. xxx


  • Hi Debbiemc,

    I got my BFP on Sunday and my temps had increased a lot this month. My highest temps were 36.9 & 36.89. They've never been that high before and it is was that, that made me test, as had no other symptoms.

    I hope this helps.
  • Awww thanks for the reply hun. Congratulations on your pregnancy, i bet you still cant believe its true? My temps are normally quite low and never rise above 36.3, yesterday was 36.4 and today was 36.5 so im hopefull it will lead to a bfp! Thanks again and good luck. xxxx
  • bump, anyone else? xx
  • I charted my bbt and got consistent rises after ovulation of between .2 and .4 degrees.

    When I got my bfp the rise was no different except that it didn't dip as I obviously didn't have an AF.

    Fingers crossed for you.

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