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Hi All,
Just thought I'd tell you my bargain of the day...on the Mothercare website there is an offer on the Tommy Tippee Nappy Wrapper - was ??29.99 now ??9.99 (no thats def not a typo it really is twenty quid off)!!! I had no intention of buying anything yet as only 13+1, let alone a nappy wrapper!!! Hardly cute-wanted tiny weeny baby grows or something!! But as it was so much off thought what the heck!!
As I say this was on their website, so not sure if its the same offer in the shop - think there is about a ??5 delivery charge - I just added some cassette things which were also discounted so made the del charge a bit more acceptable!!
Anyone had anymore bargains?


  • Hi.

    You beat me to it!! I was going to post about this. I got one today from Mothercare! So you dont have to get it from the website and pay the delivery. You also get a cartridge included!

    Total bargin!!!

  • Thanks for the tip-off! Have just been online and ordered one! x
  • i wasnt sure if these were a waste of money but i suppose you cant argue with a tenner.. Better go and get mine before they all go. x
  • Everyones different so hope I dont offend but I dont rate them never really used mine first time round and its just stuck in the cupboard but each to there own It still a bargin price though x x
  • Hi Sarah, i went in Mothercare today and got a TT nappywrapper, bargain! Also got a Humphries Corner fleecey cot blanket, reduced from ??20 to ??5. its ggggoooorrrrgggeeeouuuussss!!! am just about to pop on babies r us site and have a mooch!!

    I've been looking at baby stuff in catalougues since i was about 10!! its great to finally be able to buy it all for my lil potato!

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