Hi all,

I hope everyone is ok this fine Monday! Just a question for everyone...I will be 8 weeks preg. tomorrow and feel very bloated and find I can't pull my tummy in image
Does anyone else have the same problem?



  • i do, im a week ahed of you and find most of my pants r to tight now! and ive had to order mat wear 4 work too its so wierd as im so early on!
  • Hiya, I'm the same! I'm only 6 weeks and have a belly already!!! I didn't show until nearly 5 months with my first so it's really strange. I know it's only bloating but I look like it's a couple of days after christmas and I've eaten way too much lol.xx
  • Oh god I went out last night and had a three course meal with fizzy drinks and (one) glass of wine...I turned up looking 5 months, left looking like I was ready to drop! I didn't have this problem early on but I am getting it now - try avoiding salty food, fizzy drinks etc and eat regularly rather than big meals x x x
  • Hi Taryn, I'm 12 weeks and have had this problem for about 6 weeks. It actually doesnt seem as bad this week, though my pants still wont fasten up (i've tried maternity pants but am not quite ready for them yet) its nothing to worry about just one of those things.

    I think it's great (apart from having to undo my trousers at work!!) we get to be podgy and no one can say a thing!!! bliss!

    It may be a bit uncomfortable but at least its a sign that your baby is there and your body is doing its job!! i find it amazing!!

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