Had my 28 week scan today and the lil one is 3lbs already!!!! OMG OMG OMG.

Fetal measurements were:
HC 277MM
AC 279MM

Profile score 8/8 (no idea what this is?!!)

Umbilical artery PI 0.74 (NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS!!!)

Anyone who can enlighten me? image


  • Hiya!

    I had my 28 week scan at 28+4 and baby Angus was 2lbs 15oz! Sonographer and Midwife told me this was fine - totally ok!

    My measurements were:

    Head Circumference: 259mm
    Abdominal Circumference: 249mm
    Femur Length: 54mm

    I was told his / her measurements are good and all within the normal range, but baby's tummy is at the higher end of the normal range.

    Sorry I don't know what the other things mean and can't see any of that info. on my scan report.

    But hope the comparison to my info. helps a bit!

    Joo xxx
    (got our next growth scan in 2-weeks!)

  • I have had a scan today and 3lb 9oz! been told that is totally average so your 3lb sounds fine!

    Mel 30+6
  • they told me mine was above average!! i was expecting big but not above average.
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