I have just finished reading "new" and there was an interview with the girl who plays Maria in Coronation Street. Be warned that there are some not nice baby related scenes to be shown in the next couple of weeks and I wanted to warn everyone in case they turned it on and wasnt expecting heart breaking scenes. xxx


  • I read this is my mums tv mag and my husband has banned me from watching it next week.
  • Oh no. Have just had to google it to see what happens. Dont think its something I could watch... get paranoid about everything under the sun as it is.

    Thanks for the warning Tuppence and please god nothing like that happens to any of us. xxx
  • Yeah i read about this in one of my mags, i got upset coz in the soap she is at the same stage as me coz we had our 12 and 20wk scans at the same time. Y can no-one be happy in these soaps. Kerry xxx
  • hi was going to put on a similar post as thought it would be so hard to watch. i am also similar stage to what she is meant to be, i def wont be tuning in.

    becsxx 26wks
  • my m8 told me bout this,how far is she when it happens?i shouldnt watch it either as i went through it 4 yrs ago but probably will! hanna 35+3 xx
  • have just googled it so i can find out more without actually having to watch it! i actually noticed in last nights episode they made a point of saying she was 6 months gone, and then i thought to myself hmm something must be going to happen!

    will be so so sad, but i cry at anything at the moment anyway..but think i will have to avoid this one, im paraniod enough as it is. that must be the most terrible thing to have to go thru and i think its great that soaps show real things like this so people are aware .


  • i cry at everything too at the mo!!been cryin at the posts people r puttin up bout their birth stories!!lol,there can never b a happy ending in soaps can there!
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