The new girl!

Hi ladies (and gents?) Im new!
Not too sure what goes on about here!
How are we all doing?image


  • Hey there,
    Welcome to the site! Im amy 23 and am 36wks with my first (a girl) I live in Scotland. This is a great place to come and talk to other people and share your worries ect. Look forward to chatting to you xxx
  • hey!
    i suppose i should say abit about little old me!
    im also 23, im almost 33 weeks with my second (a boy!) and i have a gorgeous girl who's nearly 2 and a half named Pagan-Elise.
    shes a total terror but shes the light of life!
    uuuum, yeah! i live in (silly) suffolk and thats about it!
  • oh yeah! thanks babydevil! i hope alls well with your pink bump (girls rule as 1st babies! lol!)
  • I love your daughters name!! Very unusual! Is she excited about getting a little brother? This is our first and I am sooo excited, Im starting to get impatient now though! Have you thought of any names yet? We like Gemma and Holly but will decide once the baby gets here.
    If you use bebo add me if you want my user name is amyi3 xxx
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