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ok this is a long one so i will try and keep it short.....................

i work in a betting shop i have worked for the same company for 8 yrs and have never had any issues with anyone i have worked with, so basicly in a betting shop you have a shop manager a deputy manager and u should also have a managers assistant (which is basicly a cashier) so i transfered to the shop im in coming up 2 a yr ago im a deputy manager so i run the shop most of the time anyway there is a girl who work in my shop i will call her x to make it easier. x is part time well she does 28hr a week so is classed as part time when i first started working there everyone warned me about her saying that she was a bitch etc and i did agree with them but i could put up with her anyway when i found out i was pg i told the ppl i work with all the time i did tell her but i told her last as i didnt really wanna tell her but i did because i knew she would find out from someone else. she seem happy 4 me etc anyway i worked with her when i must of been about 17 weeks gone and from the moment i got there she was pushing her opinons on me and saying to me "what are u gonna do when ur 8 months pg and u cant get up the stairs anymore because ur too fat" she also said to me that i shouldnt be having this baby beacause im too fat and she also said im surprised ur even concieved!!!!!!!!! i was in shock to say the least and i did try to fight back saying to here that she shouldnt even try to get pg as she is too selfish (as she was saying when she is pg she wouldnt let herself get above a size 14) i dont think she paid much attention to anything i said to her anyway she was on a roll and she didnt shut up all day putting me down constantly so in the end i just blanked her. so after all this i called the area manager and told him that i will not work with her again i think this is reasonable and since then i havent im now 23 + 1 pg but they have rota'd me in to work with her tomorrow im calling in sick as im so angry they r making me work with her again i have asked 4 a transfer but still waiting i dont think i will get 1 what does every1 think about this??????????????????????????

sorry this is so long!!!!!!!!!!


  • what a bitch! i cant believe she even said that!!!! thats appallin i was readin this my mouth just dropped she does sound very selfish.
  • yeah she is i just dunno what to do anymore.........
  • I'm appalled by what she's said to you!! Did you speak to HR about her? Personally I would have seen to her having some sort of disciplinary for such behaviour - particularly as I am assuming you are her senior? I would speak to whom ever does the rota's again and stress that you will not work with a woman who throws jibes at you about your size and about being pregnant! She sounds like a silly selfish little girl.
  • i have spoken to the rota guy but when they r short staffed i have to work wiv her which i will not do which is y im calling in sick im just waiting for a transfer which may not happen until after my maternity leave i dont go on maternity leave until 1st may so ages yet
  • Why hasn't she been disciplined? I'm sure she should be for misconduct! Hopefully you won't be rota'd on with her too often then as you need to be careful to not take too much time off sick as can affect your maternity pay
  • I think you should ignore her as much as possible. It sounds as if she is being really nasty but you can do without that stress at the moment so don't get down to her level and respond, just take a deep breathe and either ignore her or give her a big smile. Just keep thinking how wonderful it is that you're pregnant and that you will soon be on maternity leave away from her and have a baby at the end of it which she won't. Maybe she is jealous? Don't forget you can go on maternity leave at 29 weeks so if it all gets too much just do that which is less than 6 weeks!! You have so much to look forward to don't let her spoil this time for you. xx
  • she wont be disciplined as its my word against hers so no-one want anything to do with it i have only had one day off sick throughout my pg so not worried yet
  • I feel for you as she sounds horrible, shame nothing can be done about it! Keep your chin up and like arg said just remember your the one who's going to have a beautiful bundle of joy soon image
  • arg - thanks she is jealous apparently i have heard she wants a baby but for whatever reason it hasnt happened for her i dont think i will be going on maternity as early as 29 weeks because i want as much time with baby as poss
  • would your gp sign you off for a bit with stress? x
  • im not sure worth a try i guess im gonna make an appointment for monday i think
  • Haha I would like to see her get pregnant and stay below a size 14.

    I am in size 12 maternity trousers but in normal clothes...god...I have some size 18 tops and even they don't cover the bump properly!

    She sounds totally ridiculous & jealous, I would just try and ignore her as much as possible if I were you and make sure you're not rota'd to work with her again!
    Philippa, 25+3 x
  • Hi, what a horrible person she is...what is it about people that makes them think they can call you fat when you are pregnant? At my work when someone gets pregnant it all starts again and someone seems to have to call the pregnant woman fat & it hurts...when I was pregnant it happened to me too although I did take it mostly on the chin as I was a size 10 and it was all my weightier workmates taking the mick but one day whilst I was sat at the top desk (where staff sign in) one girl greeted me with 'Hi fatty' to which I responded 'well I'm pregnant...what's your excuse?' (which was very apapt as she had recently ballooned - to much partying) and she went away with her tail between her legs! - no one said it again to me after that! lol!
    It is just jealousy, I remember reading in a magazine that peoples reactions to your news won't always be positive due to their own personnal issues. What a pity that she is so sad that she has to hurt you to try and make herself feel better.
    Have you told her how hurtful her remarks are?
    I hope it gets better for you.
  • actually i have told her about 2 weeks ago my manager thought it would be a great idea to put me and her in a room together to "work out our issues" lol and i told her then that she had really offended me and hurt my feelings to which she said i didnt say any of that but then started to say sorry but i just cant forgive her so i walked out on her
  • what is it with people!!!
    they just think they can push their opinions on pregnant peole all the time!
    yesterday i was sat at my desk eating some cake and one of the women said "oh you dont want to be eating those kind of things you will get really fat and never shift the baby weight" this is the 2nd time someone has said this to me the 1st i was in shock but this time round i was prepared so i just turned round and said
    "listen not smoking or drinking my only comfort is food now even if i cant shift the baby weight i will still look better than you"
    i was really shaking after and had to walk out the office but these people need telling, we just let them say what they want and get away with it and im sick of being a verbal punchbag.
    i did get an email off her saying sorry so sometimes it helps to say something back.
    This woman at your work has serious issues just remember your better than her and dont lose any money over her, i would walk into work and hold your head high and have a great day at work (if thats possible) that will annoy her more
  • thank u all so much for ur replies u have all made me chuckle it feels great calling that girl a bitch lol i have called in sick today so maybe work will get the hint lol so im gonna chill out and catch up on hollyoaks lol
  • have a lovely day on the sofa relaxing put your feet up and just think of the bitch struggling without you there!
  • lol yeah its gonna be great lol
  • is her name stacey? she sounds like my SIL aparently my partner and i arent fit to look after her 7yr old let alone b paretns lol she took the mick saying i'm to fat to walk (ALL behind my back may i add!) blah blah blah anyways she aint small neither is her mom and they still try and wear lil skirts and cleavagey tops at least i carry my weight with dignity and have lost nearly a stone while being pregnant (don't worry have plenty to lose so not harming baby) my advice Slap the bitch and say baby made you do it for being rude in front of them! mwhahahaha my evil streak has come out more since being pregnant!
  • oooooo i would love to slap her i sometimes daydream about doing that if i was gonna deffo leave my job i swear i would just do it lol it makes me laugh because since i have been pg the only place i have put on weight is the bump and boobs and oh says he doesnt think i have put much on (ok he may be saying this to make me feel better but still...) and no-one else had mentioned that i have got loads bigger so i just think she is far too image conscience and maybe has a low self-esteem????
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