sharp pains in side of belly

hi ladies.
i was wondering if anyone had experienced sharp pains in the side of there belly. I have a stabbing pain when i move. Its just to the right of my belly button. Im nearly 31wks pregnant and a little worried by it.


  • I'm only going on 20 weeks. I am not sure I know what they are. I get them from time to time, but seeing as your way ahead of me I'm not sure if I'm much help. I put mine down to stretching. Hopefully. I listen to my baby's heartbeat and assume everything is fine.

    Check it out with a doc. Get them to ring you!!!
  • Sounds like round ligament pain but best check that it isnt something more serious. Do you have any other symptoms like feeling sick or dizzy and have your baby's movements decreased any?
  • Feeling sick but havent been sick, but baby movements have been as normal this morning. i seem to be suffering at the moment now. just want baby here now!
  • hi im 19 weeks and sometimes get sharp pains like that when i stand up or move too fast, and i have to be doubled over for a feew minutesd, i had put it down to pulled or jerked muscle, could it be something like this? or is it even when you dont move. maybe you should phone midwofe just to check. it ould be something not relaated to baby, maybe a bug or something tho.
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