How many times a day should we feel baby?

Just been to midwife and I told her I hadn't really felt the baby as much as I had been. It usually goes mental between 7pm and 11pm at night and odd times duirng the day. But yesterday I hardly noticed it and then today the only time I felt it was when I was sat (waiting for 45 mins!) to see the midwife. She said if I was worried to ring hospital and they would monitor me. She said I should feel the baby 10 times a day so does this mean on ten separate occasions or 10 kicks? When it has its wappy 4 hours it tends to go constantly so does this only count as one or lots of times? I'm really confused!

It is moving at the mo as I can feel it phew!

Oh and I am measuring 29 weeks instead of 31 weeks and the baby is head down already!


  • ive bin told you feel the baby kick a min of ten times not ten separate times and that was with my oldest two girls and with this little 1 im carrying if its your 1st baby the head can engage early as well thats normal hope it helps
  • Hi sweetie

    Usually babies movement does slow down as you get bigger cos there's less room in there and right at the end you only really feel slight knocks and shifts.
    As long as you can still feel baby moving I wouldn't worry too much but if you are concerned just ring the hospital. Thats what they're there for! :roll:

  • Hi

    It's 10 movements - so if it kicks 10 times then that's it done for the day! It's mad because my baby kicks that much in a morning before I'm even out of bed.

    Have definitely noticed it slowing down now though due to lack of space I think!

  • Thank you! You have made me feel much better. I can tell it has moved position totally as the movements are different (can't explain how though!) I have a feeling I will have this baby before its due date. Again just a feeling I have!

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