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How early did you buy a maternity bra?

I'm 8 weeks now and I have had aching breasts for nearly the whole of pregnancy so far. The first thing I noticed was an increase in bust size. I have got to the point now where I only have one bra I can wear, the rest I am bulging out of!

My concern is that if I buy one now will I need to buy another one.

What have other peoples experiences been?

Also has anyone got a good recommendation of a shop that specialises in fittings for maternity bras?



  • I bought one at 6 weeks for the same reason, my boobs were killing me! I had to buy bigger ones again later on mind you!
  • Hi. I bought mine at 8 weeks and burst into tears at my already inflated breasts in what seemed parachute holders. I've somewhat adjusted since then. Also you need to make sure that you are not wearing underwired bras and I didn't possess any that weren't so it was an essential buy.

    I'm now 17 weeks and I am still comfortable in the size I was measured though filling it out more now, so give yourself a bit of room to grow whilst making sure you are properly supported.

    I bought a sleep bra too which I find a great improvement at night.

    I bought my bras online from bras4mums. They had a much better range of pretty bras as anything in mothercare, M&S and blooming marvellous were either for nursing or just plain ugly.
  • I also went to Mothercare 4 mine @ 11 weeks. The lady in their was great she measured me got a really nice bra 4 me. I got a pack of 2 4 ??18 and they r last me well. She told me 2 put it on the 1st fastenin 4 a while and make ur way up 2 the last. That way it lasts longer. Hope this helps
  • I got mine at 7 weeks, went to M&S... 2pack for ??18. I was advised to be measured larger than I was to allow room for growth - they were baggy on the front to begin with but I'm filling them now at 19+2!!

    I was just concerned about wearing underwires as I know they are not good in pregnancy, I was a 34B and fitted with a 38B which are only just starting to fit me properly as they should so not that big chested!! They are definitely more comfortable though, I've been using them to sleep in as I have started leaking and haven't had any problems
  • non-wired tshirt bras in Marks are cheap and even if you do need to buy bigger later you may find they come in again after as boobs slowly go back down!! I've got bras from a B to a G in my stores !! B for when I'm thin (not used very often) and G for the 1st few days when milk comes in (Jordan crossed with niagra falls).
    I also have a sports crop top which I sleep in which stops the pendulum effect in the night ....
    oh the hidden joys of pregnancy ...............
  • HI, I got one from mothercare at 7weeks which isn't that attractive but is damn comfy. I've since bought a nice one from mothercare and a summer aqua colour from, but by far the best was debenham's. The lady there kindly measured me and gave me advise on which catch it should be on and where to have to straps adjusted 2. It was well worth spending the little extra as I'm so comfy now.


  • Glad you ask this sophy, I feel the same as you! Im only 6wks and my boobs are killing and have grown a size im certain.

    Think we need to head to the shops! x
  • I went into m&s and got a couple at about 13 weeks I think.
  • I must be the only person who's boobs haven't changed!!! I got my first bra at 37 weeks (two nursing ones from Debenhams) and they are in my hospital bag. Still wearing my normal ones! Tammi xxx
    40+1 wks

  • thanks guys. I was already a DD-E so am really worried I won't be able to buy in standard shops, have found some huge boob bras in bravissimo catalogue as back up though! Am heading out bra shopping this weekend !
  • I bought one at 6 weeks and have just grown out of it in the last week or so and am now 13 weeks, they are really cheap if you just get comfy plain ones from john lewis, debenhams etc i think ??5 was all i paid for my first one, such a relief to have bras without underwire though, felt strange first day but after that just so much more comfortable, tried putting on old pre preggers one other day and there was no hope!
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