Triple Test

If you had your triple test when did you have it?

I had mine today an from scan date im 16+1 today but midwife kept making out i was 15+6 on this little calendar thing. I booked my test for today from the dates the hospital gave me but midwife kept saying they shouldnt take it until 16 weeks exactly and was i sure i didnt want to wait a few more days. Just wondering what difference a day makes?

Ps i worked it out on calendar and im definately 16+1


  • I didn't have mine done untill I was about 16 or 17 weeks, I am sure it has to be around this time but not sure of the exact timings of it. Is there another midwife you could check with or can you call the hospital? Tammi xxx
    34.6 wks
  • I had mine at the same time as Tammi - don't remember it having to be exactly on date though, although I know they do pitch it around the 16 week mark.

  • I was gonna have this if they weren't able to the nuchal fold scan as was only 11+6 then, and they told me that if i had to have the triple test it would b between 15 and 17 weeks but couldn't be done b4 or after this
  • Hi,
    I went for my bloods at 15 +3 and got told that I couldn't have them done until 15+6 at the earliest!!
    I found it really confusing because blood test people and mw said different things! I went with the blood test ladies advice as that is al they do-so must have a good idea!
    Lydia xxx
  • Hi ladies

    I had a Nuchal Translucancy scan and bloods at 11 weeks so that covered downs syndrome then. I was told I could only have spina bifida at 15 weeks and ended up having it at 15+4. It seems everyone has been given different information which is a bit confusing! :roll:
  • Whats the nuchal translucency scan?? Do they do this as standard at the 12 week scan? They didnt mention it to me. They have only mentioned soft markers at 20 week scan
  • In my area they don't do that scan-and my sister lives in cambridge and she had to pay for one-but I know some area's do it as standard so that's probably why you haven't had it mentioned too me!!
    It's mad that the care is so different depending on where you live!!
  • Apologies if I've paniked you MKT86 - I had a private scan for this as it wasn't provided on the NHS. It's supposed to give less false positives than the bloods alone and as I was a bit older we decided to go for this earlier more accurate test. x
  • I was 15+3 days the results came back really quickly was very impressed! x
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