24 weeks!

Yay! I'm 24 weeks today. As Zoey said in her post it's a huge milestone as if baby were to be born now it would stand a chance of surviving. It's classed as officially viable! Just been for my 24 week antenatal appointment and everything's fine. Baby's the right size and the heartbeat was as strong as ever - 160 beats per minute so I think it's a little girl! Really happy. Now I'd better get myself off to work.....!!

Serena xxxx



  • Aww fanastic news! Really pleased for you, it must be such a huge relief to reach 24 weeks! Glad bub is fine too xx


  • Congrats on reaching this milestone, i will be joining you on fri as i will be 24 weeks on fri its good isnt it.
    vikki xx
  • hi glad all went ok. i will be 24wks next week. seems to be going in really fast now.

    becs x
  • Hi hun, really pleased all went well for you!
    tammi xxx
    29.3 weeks
  • Hi Swillo, I am 24 weeks today but got to wait till next Thursday for 24 week appointment will be 25weeks 2days.

    Glad yours went well, its fab when they tell you everything is going to plan!
  • Thanks for your posts ladies. It's such a great feeling to reach 24 weeks! Congrats jmp! Shame you've got to wait until next week for your antenatal appointment, boo!! And congratulations to everyone else who's reached 24 weeks or is nearly there!

    I don't know abourt you, but since I got to 12 weeks the time seems to be flying! I'll have my baby in my arms in next to no time at this rate!! I can't wait! xxxx
  • Congrats!! Look forward to joining you on monday! xx
  • congrats! glad everythings going well! XX


  • Great news. I felt the same when I hit 24 weeks just makes you feel that little more relaxed. chelle x
    e.d.d 4th July
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