Nursery Questions!!!

Hi all

I have two questions and am hoping you can help!

Regarding cot mattresses... we chose ours on Saturday when we ordered our furniture. I think we chose quite a good one (my Mum dealt with it to be honest!) but I am wondering if we need to order a mattress protector? We have one on our bed, stops any stains and things getting through to the mattress (you know, hubby dribbling etc. LOL!!!) But don't want to get a cot one if it will 'stop' the mattress from working properly (its got anti allergy stuff in it!)

Secondly, do we need a chair in the nursery? I've seen quite a few but they are all quite expensive and (sorry) but not really to my taste! Would a bean bag or a comfy armchair do?

Joo xxx


  • We got our mattress from Mamas and Papas and it does have a zip off removable washable cover. Not sure it will be particularly easy to remove, but I think it is probably a sensible idea.

    As for the bean bag idea you may find that it is a long way down to the floor! Are you thinking for feeding? I have no idea as this is my first, but I am thinking that if the birth is a bit on the painful side I would be wanting as much comfy padding as possible and as little bending and stretching so as not to aggravate any stitching! Ouch.
  • we have got the mamas and papas matress with removeable cover for tegan and we find it great, its got no stains on it. so we are going to get another one of those this time around.
    we dont have a chair in the nursery though, it was comfy enough to lie on our bed and feed, i had stitches and found feeding on the sofa or on the bed easy.

    hannah 16+2 xxx
  • Our cotbed mattress has a removable cover too, that's one of the reasons I bought it to be honest. I'm not bothering getting a chair, will probably just sit on the bed or the sofa to feed the lo - would probably have gotten one if we had the space/money though xxx

  • Thanks for posting this Joo, hadn't thought of a matress protector! Hooray, something else to keep me occupied during mat leave.

    My friend has a big wicker chair with a round cushion which she got from The Pier in her nursery, which is lovely and comfortable and really not very expensive. She bfs in it all the time. The only reason we went for a proper nursing chair was because they can recline a really long way and I can definitely see me kipping in it if I have to feed the baby in the night and don't want to keep waking hubby up. Otherwise I would have been perfectly happy with a normal old comfy chair.

    Agree with the others that a beanbag is a long way down, especially if you're not too comfy after giving birth - and bearing in mind that your arms will be full of baby so you won't be able to pull yourself up that easily :\)

  • I too have a removeable washable cover that comes with my matress. Maybe its worth checking to see if your's does, as many of them do now.
    Re a chair, I wouldnt recommend a bean bag. I agree they are comfy whilst not pregnant but cant see how they would be comfy and supportive after having a baby and whilst trying to breastfeed. I hadnt even thought about a chair until my yoga teacher mentioned it last week. She has actually recommended a 2nd hand shop near where I live that sells rocking chairs, so im off to have a look this week. xxxx
  • I thought about a protector but havent got one yet as LO will be sleeping in with us so can buy one nearer the time, when they are going into the cot. As for a chair, I have put a wicker chair that I was storing at my mums in the nursery and have put a big cushion for padding/support. I would have loved a bf chair but they are just so expensive.
  • Gatecrashing, but another good idea for a fairly cheap chair that is fantastic for feeding in, and comfy enough to fall asleep in, is the Poang chair from Ikea, we have one in our bedroom and it is just as comfy as the expensive nursing chair that we have in the lounge.
  • Thanks Bedhead, I've just ordered one!
  • We have the Poang chair that Bedhead has mention for the nursery as well and it is very comfy.... I wanted somewhere to sit if I need to settle LO or feed in the night without having to disturb hubby.... All I need now is a Widgey pillow and I'm set!!

    The thing is with beanbags is although they are comfy now, our backs are still very vulnerable after the birth and I'd be worried about hurting myself if I wasn't supported properly
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