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  • Basically I got diagnosed with SPD last week and today I have been crying with pain since 3pm! Even doing all Ive been told.

    The doc at the hospital I am under did not want to diagnose it saying it was too early but my midwife the next day said I defo had it!

    Finally about an hour ago I rang a mate who had had it previously and she rang her mate who had it very severe 5 yrs ago and since!!! The mate told her that I had to transfer immediately to a consultant called Mr Broome at Bolton Hospital who is the only SPD consultant in the North West! She found this out after her experience because he was her consultant for a gynae op afterwards and he told her what she should have done (had she known)! He also said he would have induced her at 37wks. I am having a section but my consultant will not do it until 39 wks.

    Now I am in sooo much pain its ruining my pregnancy for me. I want this baby more than anything but it has got to the point where my 6 yr old cannot sit on the settee with me because if he moves I am in agony.

    Has anybody changed hospitals and consultants and could you please give me ANY advice about doing so.

    Sorry to waffle on ladies but I feel it is changing my entire personality and I just want the best for my family and my baby and me being like this is no good for anyone.

    Thanks for reading,
    Love Lee
  • Im so sorry to hear wot ur goin thro its sounds terrible. Altho l dont have any pesonal experience cld u not go to ur gp and ask for a referral to the consultant uve been recommended to go to?or ask the nxt time you see your consultant?x
  • I am sure you could go to see a different doctor and ask for a second opinion based on the info you have now from the mw and your friend. Then push them for a referral, see how that goes. Bet some tears and shouting in the surgery would get some results! Good luck x
  • Are you having a section because of a previous one? I had really bad SPD with my last pregnancy and they are all really unco-operative about it. They think as it's not life threatening leave them until they cannot bare it any longer. They refused to induce me saying it would fail because my cervix was closed...so why couldn't they give me a section. I was also in agony especially at night.

    I had to wait until 2 days past my due date when the baby decided to arrive.

    Sorry I can't suggest anything...just keep on pestering them and hopefully you might get somewhere. Let us know what happens.
  • I have had 2 sections previously - an emergency and an elective so this one has to be apparently!
  • No, this one doesn't have to be a section if you don't want it to be - there is lots of info about women who have had vaginal births after one, two or even three sections. If you want to have a normal delivery just google VBAC (or vaginal birth after a caesarean). However, if you do want a section, or depending on how bad the SPD is/gets then some drs do recommend a section. I had SPD with babies 2 and 3 and managed to have normal deliveries although it is obviously more painful as you have to open your legs! My 3rd was a water birth and being on all 4's in the pool really helped (and yes, there are independent midwives out there who will even do a water birth after previous sections!)
    You can change hospitals and consultants - ask your gp for a referral. You can have your baby in whichever hospital you want to and if you have SPD it makes sense to be under a consultant who specialises in it! hope this helps xx
  • Hi, I am in the middle of complaining to my hospital about the consultant I saw last week, as she says I dont need a c section but everyone else does. They are arranging for me to go back to the hospital and see my normal consultant. I dont have SPD I have batholin and anal cysts which they think could burst if I try to have lo naturally.
    Fingers crossed
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