dry skin

yet another pregnancy joy :roll:
can anyone recommend a good face moisterizer? as my skin is so dry i cant put make up on without it looking flakey and horrible. i feel crappy at the moment as it without the whole crap make up thing xx


  • I suffer with very dry skin & my skin is sensitive...anything that is perfumed just irritates my skin.
    I recomend E45 cream...it works for me...my skin is never dry sinced i have used this...it is a great base for applying make up & my skin never flakes.

    I recommend drinking lots of water as this hydrates your skin

    little missie x
    18 + 2
  • I used to get this, especially in winter. I've tried E45, Nivea, and various other in-between consistency lotions, but nothing was really that effective until I switched to Clinique Dramatically Different moisturising gel. I find that I can now slap my foundation on as though it's moisturiser as my skin is so smooth - no more rough patches that you have to dab round carefully.

    It's expensive, is the only thing - so maybe try the others' suggestions before you try that! (I hate paying over the odds for beauty products but hubby bought me some as a pressie and I've now resigned myself to forking out for it).


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