30 Weeks!

Iv finally reached the 30wk mark and now three quaters of my pregnancy is complete, i feel like i should be celebrating or something (In an alcohol free way of course). Although it has gone relatively quick, thinking about it now i seemed to have been pregnant for ages (since October 2007). Only ten weeks and counting and im getting really excited but abit impatient now. Hope all mums and bumps are okay, is anyone else excited about hitting a mile stone in their pregnancy? Kerry xxx

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  • hi kerry

    yey!! congrats on hittin ur milestone!!

    i was really excited wen i hit 30 weeks - it really feels like ur on the home run!! im 33 weeks today and every week is begining to feel like a milestone! LOL

    heres to being happy healthy for the rest of our pregnancys!!

    elaine xx
  • congrats i also felt like that when i hit 30 weeks
    today i have hit another milestone im 37 weeks today!!!!!
    so im full term and baby could come anytime i s'pose but hoping she stays put for at least a couple more weeks!!!
  • I am lucky in a way coz I know my section is gonna be the 9th or 10th June so my milestones have moved slightly lol

    I know I am 31+1 but when I saw on here (having adjusted dates) that I had 50 days to go - it was brilliant! It did send a bit of panic off though.
  • Congrats! I'm so jealous lol. I'm 21 weeks now and cant wait to get to 30 weeks.
  • I hit a milestone yesterday when I started my mat leave! It's all very real that I am having a baby now, and also a bit surreal that I don't have to go back to work until June 2009!! Hurray
  • Hi congrats i cant wait til i reach that milestone only another 3 weeks for me.
    vikki xx
  • Mummym, That'll be the next mile stone for me finishing for my maternity leave. My official leaving date is 9th June however might use up abit of annual leave and finish a little earlier depending on how i feel. Congrats to everyone else who has reached a mile stone it makes me feel less dorky now, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Hi Zoey, I bet though once you finish work and start to relax she gets so settled in there that u end up going overdue, lol. I think its really cute how us pregnant mummies have our own lil mile stones, and i know i feel really proud of my self as i hit each stage (think i need to get a life, lol). Kerry xxx
  • I hate being pregnant so much I have to focus on the milestones cos each one brings the day when I can see my feet again closer!!
    38 days to go!
  • Well done hun!!!!! Yes it's a countdown now nice round figure 10 weeks. We're 30 weeks on Friday too! chelle x
    e.d.d 4th July
  • I'll be 30 weeks on Saturday! On the homeward straight (and still haven't got the new carpet ordered - better get a move on!)
  • I was 30 weeks on Monday and I keep thinking, god I've got another 10 to go, it seems like ages!! I'm getting far to big and tired now, can't wait for it all to be over, I just want my baby!!
  • Congratulations ladies on reaching your milestones. I'm only 21 weeks but still grinning from ear to ear after my 20 week scan last week. It is hitting home for me too now, I'm soo excited! Denise xx
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