Breech babies

hi guys im almost 34 weeks pregnant with baby no. 2

this is a breech baby and he seems very stubborn in staying breech as he has been from around 28 weeks - except for 1 night lol!!

does anybody know about that turning procedure i have heard it can harm the baby???

also does anybody know of things i can do myself to help the baby turn as a c-section terrifies me!!!! but having said that if placenta doesnt move thenit has to be a c-section but absolutely scared to death of it especially as my labour was so fantastic with my first - not 2 make any1 jealous but he was born 37 mins after arriving as hospital and no stitches required !!!!


  • thanks i did start looking through them but lost all levels of concentration after the 30th page lol!!!
    like in my other post has turned once + then turned back breech again !!
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