Update on Smoked Salmon

I thought you could not eat this if pregnant but I have just read a birth story on home births and the lady had smoked salmon for lunch prior to giving birth, any suggestions please.

Also I have boiled egg for breakfast once a week, is this allowed or not.
Update found this quote on a website, does it mean you can eat prepacked smoked salmon, thats what I get, I put some in freezer because I thought I could not eat it.


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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2nd Jan

Hi everyone and thanks for your advise, just to let you know that I had a hard boiled egg yesterday, it was ok but no where as nice as a runny egg, oh damm.

Have decided by most of your good advise to eat my smoked salmon, only got a small bit, going to have it today for my lunch with a bit of lemon juice, yummy!

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  • oh pants I like runny ones, may have to get you to a hard yolk instead.


  • I know you cant have shell fish (unless you cook it), marlin, shark or swordfish. Two portions of oily fish max a week and need to limit Tuna (something to do with mercury). No mention of no salmon.
    Eggs are fine if they are well cooked (solid), I miss runny eggs!!!
  • yea nothng to add really just as the others have said, x
  • http://www.eatwell.gov.uk/agesandstages/pregnancy/whenyrpregnant/#cat226049

    My midwife told me to use the Food Standards Agency guidelines. No mention of smoked salmon in there. Google it, there are lots of different guides, I have to admit to still eating it as I did read that British smoked salmon is okay as the risk of getting sick from it now is a lot less than it was.

    Hope that helps xx
  • smoked salmon is fine to eat whilst pregnant as it isn't raw, it has been smoked, much like smoked ham. if it was a no no then it wld be on the list of don'ts from the FSA which it isn't.

    boiled eggs are fine as long as they are not runny, same with any eggs, if tyhe yolk is runny essentially it is raw. any type of eggs is fine to eat as long as it is well cooked.

  • i've googled a lot about smoked salmon as i love it, and from what i can tell, i believe it is ok to have, so i've had it a few times this pregnancy. i just make sure it looks ok and from somewhere reputable!

  • i've googled a lot about smoked salmon as i love it, and from what i can tell, i believe it is ok to have, so i've had it a few times this pregnancy. i just make sure it looks ok and from somewhere reputable!

  • Thanks, it's still in freezer but I may eat it if not mum can have it.


  • I was told by my midwives that smoked salmon was fine to eat as it's a good source of Omega 3 for bub's brain development. Just don't max out on it, think 2 portions a week of any oily fish is the recommended level. Eggs with runny yolks are out though I'm afraid, that's one thing I really missed!!

    Defrost and enjoy!!
  • Smoked Salmon is fine but do not have the Gravadlax sauce versions that sometimes comes with it or on it as it contains raw egg.

  • Hi, smoked salmon is fine, and I've eaten it several times. This FSA link states the risk is v low so we're not advised to avoid it in this country:http://www.eatwell.gov.uk/asksam/agesandstages/pregnancy/#A219904

    As others have said, you need to avoid runny and raw eggs, I'm afraid xx

    38 weeks

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  • i was told no smoked salmon by my midwife! she said as it was only smoked and not cookedd it was a no go... same reasons as parma ham.... have i been missing out on my favourite foods?!?!

  • Hiya does anyone know if u can eat roe from the chip shop? Really been fancyin it but don't know if its on the list of can eat or can't eat. Please help. Thanks
  • Hi Corkies, i've never heard that you can't eat cod roe whilst pregnant, and I can't find anything online saying you shouldn't either, if that helps xx
  • Hiya Niblet, i can't find anythin about it either. Thanks for lookin. Guess the odd piece can't hurt. Might just go and get me 1 l8r if our local chippy is open. LOL!
  • hmm, i've had a look and can't seem to find anything which to me suggests that it can't be harmful otherwise it wld be plastered everywhere as on the naughty list. so i assume its safe, but obviously i think this depends on the roe from which fish? obviously as we're told to avoid fish such as shark, and marlin and limit our consumption of oily fish like salmon, cod and tuna that the same would apply to the eggs of said fish. so a little in moderation is probably good for u due to the omega 3 but don't go over board. and also if ur still unsure then ask ur midwife or gp , they might be able to give u some more info.

  • I keep worrying about all these things and as my mum quite rightly put it on christmas day "When I was pregnant there wasn`t any of this don`t eat certain things" so unless you are really silly and eat uncooked prawns for example I think everyone will be fine ( and they of course would make anybody ill!!!)

    I have had a few nuts etc recently so hope its all ok!
  • Yummum to some extent there u are right, but this whole "back in the old days" just doesn't work, back in the old days they didn't have sterilisers but there is no way i wldn't sterilse stuff, also they used to say it was fine to let baby in bed to sleep with u and that smoking did no harm at all to anyone but due to new research and better medical studies we now know that these things are not true.

    regarding nuts, you shld be fine, nuts are actually a good source of omega 3 which is vital for baby's brain development, u only need to avoid PEANUTS if either u or ur partner suffer from, asthma, eczema or food/nut allergies and intolerances, if neither of u suffer from any of these then ur safe to eat peanuts too.

  • I have been eating unpasturised cheese, smoked salmon, smoked ham, drinking a small amount of booze etc! I think everything in moderation is fine. The only reason they say to keep off the above (apart from alcohol) is that they are the type of foods that can give you food poisoning but I myself have never been affected so decided to eat what I like within reason. So I would eat your smoked salmon etc and enjoy! xx
  • Just have to say that I totally agree with siany on the whole 'back in the old days thing'. i have had so many people telling me I ate that, I drunk that and my baby was fine its driving me up the wall! For a start if something did happen and I hadn't followed guidance I'd never forgive myself and for another thing they didn't know the effects of lots of things then which they do now. this is particularly true with alcohol-lots of people say my baby was fine but its the underlying mental health problems caused by mums drinking that are only really just starting to be fully appreciated (although this does seem to be from greater alcohol consumption). Also look at the lower infant mortality rates now-the advise is there for a reason and its not going to hurt anyone to give stuff up for 9 months!

    Rant over-everyone I've asked/books read say smoked salmon fine although need to keep intake low as its oily fish. Eggs-need to be fully cooked. Also check out eggs as ingredient on things eg mousses and be careful of anythng homemade
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