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ECV??!! Anyone had/having one?!


I am 36+1 and have just been for another scan to check the position of our baby...! She is still breech! We have been booked in for an ECV to try and turn her next Thursday. Just wondered how many people out there have had this procedure and what your thoughts where? Also was it successful?!

We have been told there is a 30-40% success rate with the consultant who does it at our hospital.

I don't feel worried about it, and think it is definitiely worth trying it rather than going straight for an elective c-section but would be interested in hearing about other peoples experiences!

Look forward to hearing your responses....! image


  • Hi! not sure what ECV stands for?!?!?! If you have an experienced midwife you can still deliver naturally with a breech baby.....
  • it stands for external cephalic version. i have see it done on the midwife programmes on tv, it looked weird to see the baby being turned. but it worked for the lady that was having it done. good luck becki. hope it works for
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