Reusable nappies BumGenius Onesize or Wonderoos? Please help

I was dead set on after a few weeks using the Wonderoo reusable nappies but can't find any feedback about them has anyone tried them or uses them, any recomendations or advise,

I have now seen the Bum Genius also one size birth to potty but they start at 7lb slightly smaller baby, what are these like any good or recommendations, Have asked in Resuable nappies before but not got much joy, will post in there again.

15 Week today



    there are some reviews for Wonderoo nappies on the above website! we are still deciding what to get as well, but have found these which i quite like the look of, look very easy and convenient! but its so hard to make a choice isn't it! i'd like to hear from anyone who has used either!
  • there is soo much choice available. It's hard to know which will suit your baby the best. I think I'm just going to make my decision to go with bumgenius now, as long as I'm happy with the samples and stick with it, otherwise I will still be trying to make my mind up when it's time too start potty training image
  • Thanks, any one else with recommendations please.

  • I have bought bumgenius one size nappies. We are hoping to start using them soon after she is born. One of my friends bought some back from the states and says they are fab, so that was a good enough recommendation for us.

    She recommended about 15 nappies. We have got 10 to start with, we ordered them from Mothercare online, using various discount codes to keep the price as low as possible.
  • Harry Potter

    Thanks thats really good to here I have looked at mothercare but in white you can it appears only buy 5 pack otherwise its a mixed colours, where did you gets discount codes from, how much did you pay?

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