Baby Freya has arrived...x


I am very pleased to announce the safe arrival of my precious baby girl Freya Hannah, born on 01.02.2009 at 20:01, weighing 7.9lbs.

We came home from the hospital this evening and we're both doing really well.

Giving birth is a unique and valuable experience.

I happily had an epidural in the end, this was the right choice for me, My Mum and Husband were there for the birth and were both a great support.

Sadly after 24hrs of trying, breastfeeding hasn't worked out for us, therefore Freya is now on formula, but is very content,

For me, having Freya has made my world complete. I feel blessed every second of every day. For those of you waiting for your lo's to arrive I would say embrace all of the special moments that you have at the hospital, don't be worried about pain relief (IT'S GREAT!) and trust your instincts.

Sending baby hugs...



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