Bump bands

Hi girls, I have noticed a few of you mentioning bump bands and just wanted to let you know that cheapest place I have found them in in New Look - ??3 each in black or white!



  • Hi girls just make sure they are support bands sometimes fashion shops sell them to get more life out of your tops. You wear them under your regular top to give extra lenght but not necessarily support. If the new look ones do both that is a real bargain, sounds bit cheap to me, but then im crap at finding bargains xxxx
  • I just been to mother care over the weekend and didnt find what they had to offer very good! & it was a mother care world so a little let down showing loads got a big baby bump not much support and feel a bit down!
  • If you need them for support our hospital you get them from the physio which you can be referred to from your midwife. I think you have to give back when had baby though. Hope this helps and its free. Filo x
  • hiya
    ive got a new look one - and it isnt a support band - it just allows you to carry on wearing your normal tops (or have your trousers undone & have no one notice!) i have tried getting another but every new look ive tried doesnt have them! so i ended up getting a support band from mothercare and since working out that i have been wearing it upside down - it is really comfy & better than the new look one. think it was ??10. (possibly making that up though - sorry)
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