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Hi ladies

I hope you and bumps are all well.

I was looking for some advice on nursury furniture.
I have been to babies r us and liked some of the cots and matching items there, but at mothercare, I wasnt so impressed with the quality.
We have a budget of around ??500 for everything and the only thing we liked in mothercare was ??1500!!!

Can any of you reccomend any good brands/deals./quality of items you have?

I really appreciate the help.


  • Hiya, some advice i was given was to buy a nice cot but dont worry too much about baby wardrobes etc as they are really too small, get normal size furniture then it should last past babydom! I would suggest investing in a nursery chair, a gliding one for feeding.

    HTH Lauren

    LO 20 weeks!!!
  • Got ours from Argos ??400 (cot bed, drawers, changer top & wardrobe + ??100 (for mattress). Really pleased with it.
  • What make was the range you got from Argos Mrsclaretweeze?

    I have been thinking about getting a cot i like and seperate furniture from somewhere like ikes, but then they wont match? Im not great at the interior design thing, so I dont want a crap nursury!!!
    Does it matter if they dont match?!
  • Hi hun

    I am know it's too soon to talk about this for me but we liked a Cot in Mother Care that turns into a cot bed and as we rent we already have a lovely wardrobe in there that we will be using and it's huge so will last and we are just buying a 5 set of draws from Argos I know it wont really match but it's all the same colour wood and they are too young at first to even care.

    We also got a chair and stool for ??100 if you want details.

    K xx
  • Hi Mrs Dickson

    Thats what budget I had in mind too but verywhere seems so expensive, I think they wop on a few extra hundred ?? because it's for a baby!!!

    Maybe you could see if you have a babystore near you that lets you pay something each week? we have one in town that stocks all the named brands like mamas and papas and they ask for a 10% deposit and then you can pay as much or as little as you like.

    I would agree with mousenose about the size of the furniture though. Most wardrobe's I have seen are more like tallboys. I have a spare wardrobe in another bedoom so I plan on just buying a cot with a chest of drawers.

    Happy Shopping !!!!

  • Im getting a mishmash of allsorts of stuff Im not bothering with a set as its so expensive!! - cot from mothercare (paid for my OH mum, borrowing an ikea nursing chair from OHs cousin, changing unit from a website Ive seen for ??65, chest of drawers from argos probably about ??60 and not bothering with a wardrobe just going to get a really big set of drawers


  • we didnt get a set - we were given a cot and a changer/bath unit, then bought a big set of drawers from ikea. (for the nursery, for our room we had a crib)
    We've just recently bought some cupboards for the walls but other than that we havent really needed anything else.
    I'd also recommend getting normal size furniture that will last beyond the baby years to save money in the long run. We havent found any need for a wardrobe yet and Ollie is almost 2,but Im sure others will say they need one, it's all dependant on the person you are and how you like to be organised - we just fold Ol's clothes up and put them in the drawers :lol:
    didnt need/want a chair - the bed was more than enough for me, or the couch, with just cushions or pillows propping me and baby up... a chair was an item we havent got room for or money to spend on... ;\)

  • My stuff doesn't match properly but looks fine. Cot came from ebay for ??5, chest of drawers and a small cupboard are old pine ones I had when I lived at home, the shelf unit comes from Ikea and I also have a gliding chair and footstool form I probably haven't got enough storage but we'll see. It only matters if it matches if it matters to you.

  • Im so glad Im not the only one doing it on a budget!! We have borrowed or had lots of our stuff second hand as long as its safe and clean its good enough for me!


  • Thanks Ladies!
    Really loving all the responses and is nice to see im not the only one thinking long and hard about this!
    I have been thinking, if i got wardrobe and drawers from Ikes, I would have more to spend on a cot bed and get a better quality one as this will be used for longer and also, the fully size other items.

    Sorry if im rambling, just thinking out loud with you girls!
  • If youre planning on getting a wardrobe and chest of drawers too then it may be cheaper to get a set, the ones in argos do look lovely and are quite reasonably priced


  • this post spearked me to have a look, it's early days for me but I can't help but looking. Argos do have nice sets in.

    I can't wait till I can start buying!!!

    Melissa 6+0
  • it is exciting - I too have been looking for months, but i want to see something before i just order it on line.

    Ive decided on this crib for our room.

  • I got my cot from mothercare and then bought some kid's furniture in white from Ikea which matches. Wardrobe was only ??80 and will last for ages! Also got some storage boxes and a hanging storage bin shaped in a duck from there as well to brighten things up! Last thing i want to get is some corner shelves and have found some for ??3.99 for the pair from Wilkinsons.
  • Mrs Dickson that crib is lovely!

    Where did you get it from and for how much if you don't mind me asking? x
  • Its the saplings Katie Crib - if you google it, it comes up with lots of options. The sell it at babies R us for ??89.99, but you can get it off amazon for ??65.00 the last time I checked.
    I cant wait to order it - totally fallen in love!
    I know its not very traditional looking, but neither am I really!
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