Finding out the sex!

Hey ladies,

Is there anyone out there who hasn't found out the sex and wishes they had or vice versa? I really want to know as I really want a girl and think that I'll need to get my head around the idea of a boy over the next few months! as well as for decorating and clothes buying purposes! My hubby on the other hand would like a surprise! On the serious side, I just think I would be a lot less stressed if I do know (I'm a bit of a control freak and this is exactly the kind of thing I need to know!

Anyone else been in a similar position?

Charlotte x


  • We dont know what we are having. I didnt want to - I want the surprise but my OH was desperate to find out. He gave into me eventually and we didnt ask!

    To be honest we havent found it a problem with nursery decorations and clothes etc... theres quite a lot of nice unisex out there if you look for it!!

    At the end of the day it has to be a personal decision though that you and your OH will have to discuss and decide on together.

    Sarah 37+4
  • Me and OH didn't even question it - we both decided that we'd rather know. Just because we thought it would be nice to. Though a nurse friend of ours keeps gleefully saying "They get it wrong sometimes you know!"

    You could always ask, and tell hubby to put his hands over his ears and go "lalalala" ?
  • We have found out the sex both this time and with our first pregnancy. I wouldn't want to have kept it a surprise , but it does make me worry for the rest of the pregnancy that they have got it wrong. This time we've been told we're having a girl. We're having a 4d scan in a few weeks so that we can double check!
  • I was exactly the same as you, I was thrilled to just be having a baby but deep down I knew I desperately wanted a girl. I wanted to find out because I'm a bit of a control freak and I also thought if it is a boy I'll have time to get used to the idea and bond with my baby before the birth. Finding out was great and I have no regrets at all. We decided though that we weren't going to tell anybody that we'd had a gender scan and it would be our secret! I wanted other people to still have the surprise and lots of ladies on here said it would be impossible not to slip up and call the baby he or she...but we've got 6 weeks until my due date and we've managed it! Nobody has a clue that we know and our family and friends have all had a guess! We've bought gender specific clothes and other bits and they're hidden away until after the birth. It's made it even more special for hubby and I sharing this very special secret and although at times I've nearly burst wanting to tell my mum or best friend that I know what we're having, I haven't let on and never will!!! xx
  • heya hun i am in the same position as you!
    obvs i just want bubs to be healthy but i would love a lil girl, and oh, mil and mum all think its a girl so they have kinda planted the idea in my head that it is a girl! so if its infact a boy i would like to get my head around it!
    my scan is in 3 and a half weeks and i cant wait to find out! like u i want to be completely prepared and buy pink or blue things!
    OH says he wants a surprise, but he has agreed to find out kuz he knows how desperatly i wanna kno!
    when is ur 20 week scan?
    love sian 16 + 5
  • Hi Sian,

    Got my 12 week scan on 11th September, so got a while to decide/ persuade the hubby. He said today that he did want to know really but still likes the idea of a surprise. We shall see!

    Good luck with yours. Hope it's pink! x image
  • im the same as sian490.
    i have a 5 year old son and although i would really like a girl i am more than happy for it to be a boy. my mum and hubs have planted it in my head that it is a girl so if it isnt i want to get used to the idea!!
    i have my 20wk scan in 4 days so not too long to wait to find out!
    i should add that i am 1 of 5 and have 4 younger bros so am used to being the minority should it be another boy!! lol!
    i will be happy either way though as i said!!
    good luck hun
  • HI charley

    my LO is now 7 months old! and we didnt find out the sex. That is only because my OH didnt want to know, but I really wanted to know. He said that I could find out if I wanted to and keep it a secret, but the main reason for me knowing was so that I could buy cute baby clothes, which would obviously have been a give-away!!

    Its wrong of me to say, but I really did want a girl instead of a boy, and was worried that I might be disappointed if its a boy. I now have a beautiful healthy daughter, and it was lovely for my OH to find out the sex of our baby and tell me at the birth. As much as I wanted to know during pregnancy, I am so glad that it was a surprise. If I had had a boy, it would have not been any less magic.

    hope this helps.

  • I think the hardest thing is when you see a gender specific bargain and can't buy it because you don't know!! :x it's so frustrating!

    I think I'm having a boy (based on the nub theory from 12 week scan) and a few days ago I was shopping and saw the most adorable 'lapinou ' really good quality peter pan collar baby grow in blue, it was ??29.99 reduced to ??5!! from Trotters. Its just devine!! :lol:

    I had to buy it! even if its not a boy, I'll sell it on eBay. It looks a bit like this one

    We will find out at 20 weeks, but we are going to keep it secret (if possible)

    I have two daughters already, I adore little girls so another would not phase me in the slightest, at the same time a boy would be a interesting change?? :\) My scan is 18th October - Can't wait!!

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  • He he definatley a personal choice.

    I always thought we would find out but when we knew everything was going well with this pg we decided that we really wanted the surprise.

    It hasnt made it any harder for us to buy for baby, if anything it's helped us save money as I cant just buy anything.
    We have a few outfits that will be perfect for either sex and then vests & sleepsuits as I wont be dressing baby up in the 1st few weeks.

    Im sure our baby will be spoilt when he/she arrives so will no doubt receive lots of outfits also a month after edd is xmas so baby will receive more stuff.

    I love the thought of my OH being able to announce to our family & friends that we have either a son or daughter, I think it's something really special that he will get to do as i've had all the joys of carrying baby.

    Majority of family think we are having a girl & I am a little inclined to think this way, also I secretly would quite like a girl simply as we have lots of family & friends with little boys but I know when that when bubs arrives I wont have time to worry about adjusting to the sex as long as baby is healthy I really dont think i'll care what it is LOL!

    Good luck and you'll know when it comes to the 20wk scan, also remember some babies arent in a good position to see the sex, there are a couple in our forum that wanted to find out & havent been able to as baby had legs crossed & wouldnt budge he he xxx
  • Hi, i found out at 23 weeks when preg with DD, and i loved knowing i was having a little girl. I had an instinct i was having a girl anyway image

    And im deffo gona find out this time, hubby wants to aswell as we felt really organised last time.

    According to the nub theory people seem to think its another girl which ill be over the moon about image x
  • I found out the sex of my baby last week and i'm so so glad I did, I had a gut instinct it was a boy and I was right. The 20 week scan was amazing he had his legs open, chewing on something and kept putting his hand to his mouth it was amazing! I'll not regret my decision to find out, now I can be organised and have colour in his wardrobe!!!:lol:
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