moan.....really sorry

Sorry but I need to moan and someone and don't know who else to tell so who ever reads has drawn the short straw.

I really hate being pregnant I honestly thought I would love it but I don't, not even a bit. Its not even like I've had one off those awful pregnancies where you're really ill. I'm 15+abit weeks. So still have an eternity left with 1st. I never even so much as felt sick never mind actually being sick in fact I've hardly had any symptoms. I have been like a complete ice queen when it comes to sex I don't understand what's wrong with me. Its not just not wanting sex I don't even really want any affection anymore. Is this normal or have I turned to a freak?? I can only pray it ends once the baby is born as I think it will end in divorce if I I'm like this forever. We have had sex I'm not that much of a b!tch but its not the same really and def not as often. I feel moody and fed up most of the time for no reason its poor hubby I feel sorry for when I'm not angry with him that is.

The this morning I fell out with him and got really upset I don't feel he's been the most supportive or helpful of my pregnancy but maybe that cos he gets the blame for most things at the moment. I will apologise in advance for anyone I offend. We have been discussing boy's names. We had been thinking of naming it James legally but actually calling it Jamie. Then this morning we were watching TV and someone was called Jim, which I said I didn't like. Which he says is short for James and if I didn't like Jim we should just call it Jamie. Then he stats on about why it can't just be Jamie anyway. Well just because I like James and think it sounds more proper/formal. I thought a good compromise would be the james/jamie thing. Anyway I then stomp off and get all upset and were now barely talking to each other. And if he reads this it will be something else for us to fall out about.

The end :\?


  • hi hon,
    just wanted to let you know you arent also 15 weeks and finding it a lot harder than i thought. like you ive been lucky and havent had any awful symptoms, and although some days are ok i cant honestly say im enjoying being pregnant.
    im really short tempered, and have lost my affectionate side as really hoping its a hormonal phase which will pass.
    please dont feel you're alone, im sure things will improve soon. somehow my dh has managed to bite his tounge and we havent rowed, but im sure we will cause im horrible to live with at the moment. marriages are there to see you through the good and bad, and im sure the good times will come soon hon.

    take care x
  • its just hormones. you probably hate being pregnant because you think its bringing out the worst in you .you feel irritated all the time because you dont feel like yourself, your not feeling very sexy at the moment ( as i dont), your sharing your body with this tiny little person and it is very draining on you . i feel peed off alot and the smallest things irritate me but i do my best not to take it out on my fella cos i think its just part of pregnancy. i do feel guilty not having as much sex as we used to, he tells me not to worry but i still do. i try not to snap at the stupid things he says and count to ten. try and imaging that hes pregnant too and sharing all the emotions, feelings and fears that you are, your both in this together 50/50 and he needs to understand your feelings too. pregnancy is stressful and hormones are a pain in the arse arent they lol. good luck xxx
    and if its any consolation it does improve little by little as the weeks pass you get more energy and start feeling like a person again
  • I'm 20 weeks and I'm feeling so down in the dumps today. Everything to do with my pregnancy is fine- morning sickness wasn't that bad and I'm feeling energetic again, baby is healthy, its just my hormones!!! I feel like a mad woman all the time, I cried for about 1/2 hour this morning for no reason at all. It feels like I've had the pre- menstrual grumps since end of October and I'm sick of it. I nearly cried the other day in a shoe shop when they didn't have my size in, my poor old husband is totally confused as one minute I'm fine, next minute I'm grumpy, the next I'm crying my heart out...... Plus I keep taking it out on him which is totally unfair- will try and hold my tongue next time so not to cause rows.
    Kind of glad its not just me though that feels rubbish! lol!
  • oh thank you lovely people you have made me feel so much better. I'm so pleased I'm not the only one who feel like this. Its so comforting to know other people are feeling like me!! spedshaw you paint story did put a smile on my face. My hubby works from home and the other day I got in a strop cos he wouldnt come to the garden centre with me.
  • hi im so glad i have read all your posts as they all sound just like me. im 16wks pregnant and all going well apart from i always feel down and moody, no sex drive and being really nasty to hubby.

    i know i should be really happy as we are getting a night away next sat and getting house decorated but just feel fed up!

    cant be bothered to do anything or make an effort. but it feels good putting it on here and getting it out of my system a bit!

    take care and hopefully we will all feel brighter and better soon.

    big hugs becsxxx
  • I have just about turned back into a vaugely normal person now (I am nearly 22 weeks) but for the first 15 weeks at least I was a complete unreasonable cow. Fortunately my oh is lovely and as this is our second he knows that it is only tempory. I am already feeling guilty in advance though as last time when it got to the last month I was even worse. Bloody hormones have a lot to answer for!!
  • oh god i've just read this post and am so glad to hear others aren't enjoying being pregnant! Wierdly I've alwyas wanted to be pregnant, have a bump and feel 'special' but now its here it feels such a long time and i feel like my life is in limbo..i've lost the 'old' me that loved and looked forward to dressing up and going out every weekend to see friends, but my new life as a mum hasn't yet begun..i just want one or the other! I'm really moody and upset alot poor hubby is working all the overtime he can and doing so much more around the house and then i've been picking on him for the smallest thing, like yesterday i got all upset and in a child like strop because the card he bought didn't say to my wife, it was just a standard to my valentine one - talk about acting like a spoilt bitch! So i'm hoping the spring will be easier once we can do more in the evenings and the weathers better..fingers crossed anyway!xx
  • Yay it's not just me. Everyone keeps ripping it out of me in work cos I have no patience with customers, just can't be listening to their whinges and moans. 14 weeks today and still sooo tired, fed up with being in bed by 9 o'clock most nights and waking up feeling more tired than when I went to bed. Argh! As for the sex thing, poor ole hubby, can only guess his right arm muscles are growingimage
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