Urinary Tract Infection - any experiences?


I'm almost 11 weeks and just had a call from the doctor as the urine test I did at my booking in appt last week has shown a UTI. I'm quite surprised as had no symptoms at all, apart from usual nausea.

Doc was reassuring and said it won't harm the baby but is important to get it treated for the sake of me mainly, although if untreated it can cause problems.

So upshot is a week of antibitoics but I'm still a bit worried. Doc didn't mention anything about testing to see whether it has cleared up after the course of antibiotics - will I need another urine test?

Has anyone else experienced UTI during pregnancy and what was the outcome? Any guidance would be appreciated just to help put my mind at rest.

Thank you


  • hiya, unfortunately pregnant women are a bit more susceptible to UTI's! As long as you've finished the whole course of antibiotics and you're drinking plenty then you should be fine, but you can always take a sample down to your surgery and ask if the nurse can test it? I never get any symptoms either, but lots of people feel a stinging sensation when they go, or just feel like they need to go really badly but get there and nothing comes out, so keep an eye out for those symptoms and get yourself to your GP if you notice anything like that xx
  • Thank you lynz for your reply - just done some googling and seen it's quite common. In hindsight have been feeling the need to wee but then only a bit comes out but just thought it was one of those ever changing strange pregnancy symptoms! Will keep an eye on it. Oh the glamour of pregnancy eh?! xxx
  • Hey, I've suffered from UTIs pretty much all my life. Drink as much water as you can to help flush it out of your system and you should be fine. Usually as long as you don't have any blood in your urine you should be ok.
  • usually the midwife will do a urine test each time u c her to check ur urine is ok.Unfortuantely i suffered a severe uti in my 1st pregnancy which led to a very bad kidney infection so id urge anybody to make sure you get checked regulary xxx
  • Hi, I had a UTI which traveled up to my kidneys and I was in agony...Get it sorted!They will usually take urine at each mw appt so that will tell if it has cleared up.good luck x
  • i've have had an underlying UTI for a few years now (bladder problems) and have been on antibitotics the whole of my pregnancy and baby is fine.
    there are a few safe antibiotics that you can take during pregnacy so dont worry.

    39 weeks today
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