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Are you drinking caffeine?



  • Hey Posy! Before my BFP I used to drink a good 5 cups of tea a day. When I got my BFP I limited myself to two 'real' cups and then the rest decaf. As it happens, last week tea (of any kind) started to make me feel sick so I stopped drinking it. The headaches were astounding! I am now having to force down half a cup of tea in the morning and half in the afternoon just to ward off the headaches! It's still making me feel a bit sick though so may have to swap to drinking one can of coke a day just to give my body the caffeine it's craving! XXXX
  • I used to have 1 cappuccino in the morning and a couple of cups of tea during the day at work (I don't drink coffee at the weekends). I've switched to decaff coffee and tea for the time being as I can't really tell the difference from a taste perspective (although I could do with a bit of a pick me up in the morning!). I've also switched my daily diet coke to decaff.

    I might go back to regular when I hit 12 weeks, but we'll see.
  • I've never drunk coffee and don't really like cola etc, i have a few cups of tea a day, i don't think i'd make it through the day without a few brews lol

  • Thanks ladies

    I am taking it easy today, have had a cup of decaff for breakfast so will see how I get on with that, I'm sure the headaches will start soon enough!!

    Maybe in a few weeks time I will go back onto the normal tea again.

    When I'm not pregnant I usually love a big frothy cappuccino LOL!!
  • Dont worry posy you should be fine hun! i had the same reaction on saturday as i was at a party and the only thing i could drink was diet coke, but i'd had two pints of the stuff at a meal in the day too. So that night I felt quite jittery and pootle was doing back flips but all was well after a few hours.
    I used to love a cup of tea but pregnancy has just put me right off?? xx
  • aspartame has a really bad reputation. there has been lots of conflicting researching, one connected it with miscarriage. i don't touch it. but it is everything that is low sugar! the best i have found is robinsons be natural. no aspartame. i8 have also read you are not supposed to give it to chuildren, yet it's in fruit shoots!!! and every other sugar free drink.
  • it does look funny you posting on here (i mean that in a nice way)!! Hope that your not worrying too much.

    I dont like coke or coffee so im lucky in that sense, but i occassionally drink peppermint tea.
  • I know Impatient, i feel like a real imposter!!!

    I got a terrible headache around 5pm today so had a small weak cup of tea and it seems to have done the trick!

  • Hi Posy,

    I too had a mc & was very nervous to begin with
    This time it's not so much I have gone off coffee, just don't fancy it but I drink pro 4 cups of VERY SWEET tea a day!!!
    Mmmmm off for a brew lol

    Lisa 23 + 2 xx
  • before i fell pg i only rarely had a cup of tea never drink coffee but the last month i have had a cup of tea very milky every morning and thats it i dont drink fizzy drinks i drink 2lt of water everyday and sometimes some fresh orange/apple & thats it xx
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