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Are you drinking caffeine?

Since getting my BFP I have cut down to one small cup of tea per day. However today I was out for lunch with friends and someone ordered coffee for everyone. I had a small cup with lots of milk and it has left me feeling very jittery.

I am now thinking maybe I should cut caffeine out completely as I am terrified of having another MC.

Any advice welcome:\)



  • I havent stopped drinking caffine. I dont drink much tea and I dont drink coffee but have had massive cravings for coke and, at one point, it was the only thing that didnt come back up so it was that or nothing!! My boys are growing rapidly so hasnt done me any harm. However, coke doeasnt have as much caffine as coffee. I wouldnt worry but if it made you feel funny, then I would cut it out just to be safe.

    Gemma and Double Blue Bump 31 + 3
  • Hi Posy and congrats image
    I would drink 5/6 cups of tea each day and it hasn't done me any harm - or LO
    I dont think the caffine levels in tea are high so i didnt see any reason to cut down.
    AM xx
    34 wks on wednesday
  • i dont drink coffee and have maybe one cup of tea a day, my main downfall is coke i try not to have more than 4 drinks a week though, although my prgnancy books say more than that is safe x
  • The odd coffee will definitely not hurt!

    I didn't have any caffeine at all in the first trimester, the odd drink of coffee/tea in the second, and since being in the third I've had one caffeinated drink a day - usually a coffee.

    If it makes you feel funny I would avoid it or have decaff though x
  • Thanks for your suggestions everyone

    I'm now panicking because I didn't realise there was caffeine in chocolate as well and I definitely haven't been cutting back on that!

    I will maybe try to lay off the tea for a couple of days and see how I feel. I think there will be some bad headaches thats for sure!
  • I didn't drink caffeine for the first 5 months but now I do. Not loads of expressos or anything but if I fancy a full caf coffee, I do. I was drinking decaf tea and coffee at first. It doesn't taste any different to be honest!

  • I think you just have to have it in moderation hun, maybe having cut right down, the coffee you had when out with friends was a surge for your system.

    I don't drink tea/coffee but I am a coke fan, and I like chocolate. For a while I couldn't drink coke as it made me feel ill but that lasted about 6 weeks and I'm OK now but I went off chocolate.

    I think maybe because you have had a MC you are all the more nervous about doing everything right sweetheart. I can't begin to know how that feels as I've not been through it, but you have to trust your mind and body. If you want something, don't deny yourself it just have a little, but if you are worried theres no harm in going without xxx
  • Posy,

    How are you sweetie?

    Just to say that I think you should try and have just one cup a day or the headaches you might get would be a nightmare, and then you would have all the worry and stress of painkillers and whether to take them!!!!

    They say two coffees are in the rec limit and maybe more than that for tea, so sweetie please don't stress.

    I know you doing all the right things and will be a fab mummy xxxx
  • Hi Posy,

    I too have had a previous mmc. I'm preg again and am now 14 weeks. I do enjoy coffee but have swapped to decaff. I don't drink huge amounts but sometimes will have 3 in a day. Tea def has less caffine in it but the specialist nurse that i saw said that decaff coffee or tea was ok. Have you tried decaff tea? maybe that will put your mind at rest. I agree, not sure about the tea but decaff coffee doesn't taste any different. I also agree with not depriving yourself of anything but having it in moderation. As already mentioned cutting it out completely will prob give you headaches if you normally have it and then you'll have the whole dilemma about whether to take painkillers or not.

    Believe me i truly understand your nervousness as i'm the same but i've found things a little easier since getting over my last hurdle and getting beyond 12 weeks. I know the worrying never goes away but you have to try to relax with some things as you and bubba will be a wreck, i hope you don't think i'm being too harsh but i'm speaking from experience and have learnt a few things about that from the lovely ladies on here who have suported me during the early days.

    It is your decision though.

    Take care honey,

    SH 14+1 xxx
  • Thanks so much for your advice everyone, its so kind of you.

    I think the coffee was just too much for me, I will definitely stick to tea from now on.

    I had the coffee 5 hours ago and am now feeling sick. The jittery feeling has just turned into queasiness. It has put me right off! And I have got a pounding headache.

    I think I am just worrying about everything, as today is the five week mark when the baby stopped growing the last time, although I didn't find out until 7 weeks,

    Maybe it will be a good thing if I don't eat so much chocolate, was starting to gorge on it every night!
  • I'm avoiding it where possible (I can't really tell the difference between decaf and normal just by taste) but I'm not going to refuse a proper cuppa if someone offers me one at their house, or something.
  • i stopped drinking coffee a couple of years ago and cant even stand the smell now. if you have stopped drinking it then the caffine probably gave you a buzz!!! i also switched to caffine free tee (not decaffinated, which i've read is worse) since starting ttc. but since getting pg i have not been able to stomach tea either. and i've gone off chocolate. odd.

    the odd cup isnt usually a problem my pregnancy book says, but it makes a point of it being an average cup not a large coffee shop one.

  • Hiya Posy. Congrats on your BFP, I'm so happy for you and OH! image

    At home and at work I drink de-caff tea and coffee only. However, when I go round someone's house, rarely does anyone have de-caff as an option, so I will drink regular tea and coffee if that's all there is.
  • Thanx for posting this Posy - ive been worrying about this all day today as I drink lots of tea. Ive bought some decaff teabags and hope to cut back using this. Its all such a minefield isnt it?! xxx
    PP 3+6 x
  • hi, I used to drink a lot of tea before I became pregnant. However, since getting pregnant, I've gone right off both tea and coffee. I drink green tea which doesn't have any caffeine.

    I can understand your concerns. Do whatever you feel is right for you.

    Hope you feel better,
  • I wouldn't worry about the chocolate hon, it has so little caffeine in it you would have to eat loads to get close to 200mg, especially if you aren't having many cups of tea or coffee in a day.
    I've had that jittery / sicky feeling before I fell pregnant after a cup of coffee as I normally drink green tea, just think it is a normal reaction if your body isn't used to it, so I wouldn't panic about it.
    Hope you're feeling a bit better now!!
  • I don't really drink tea or coffee but I have been drinking coke. I read on the government guidelines website that you can have up to 6 cans of coke a day and not consume too much caffeine, I don't think I am getting close to that a week!!! I really wouldn't worry about one cup of coffee hun but it may have made you feel strange because you haven't had it for so long, your body wasn't used to it.
  • Wow, MI, I've been trying to find out exactly how much coke is ok, thank you! I can't believe the looks I get if I drink coke, any sort of coke. In fact my friend was outraged that I was drinking diet coke because of the aspartame. I felt like chucking it in her face and saying, "I give up, I'll live on bread and water instead!!!"

    Posy, don't worry sweetheart. When I was first pregnant I couldn't have any tea or coffee because either made me feel really dizzy and sicky, so it may just be that you've gone off it for now. Also, as a few people have said, it may be that you've reacted a bit more to the caffiene because you've cut it out. I'm sure you're fine hon. x x x

    Em 28+0 x x x
  • Yep...I read 6 cans of coke a day too! Was shocked as I was worried. I drink lots of coke (go through 2 2-litre bottles a week from shopping and sometimes drink it when im out). As I said, it was the only thing I could have for a while and dr said it was better than nothing!!
  • I looked because I hadn't even considered it until I got a can of caffiene free coke in my bounty pack and I suddenly worried thinking I was drinking too much coke. I only drink it when I go out and I will have 2 glasses with a meal or something although I got a bottle in for a party recently which no one touched and it went down so well I polished off the bottle in 3 days! If I drank coffee and tea as well I would be concerned but it's the only caffeine I get and I think if I drank 6 cans day I would be climbing the walls. Does anyone know, does diet coke have less caffeine than full fat?
    Why can't you have aspartame Emily? It's just a sweetener isn't it?
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