don't know what this baby is doing but..

for the past hour and a half right under my boobs by my ribs i am feeling like massive air bubbles? like trapped nerve but it is constant is it the baby moving and causing air to bubble up there?? obvioulsy the baby is alot lower down. i do feel her kick now but is normally low down. what is she doing?? or is this a real trapped nerve?? been going on for so long is really annoying!!! it started when i drank 2 glasses of lemonade maybe its just gas? but does this keep going for so long!! xx

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  • i had this today but low down, my lo kicks low and catches a nerve which makes me jump it goes through me! but i had a strong bubbling where lo is and it didnt go for ages, dont think it was wind and wasnt on my nerve so i dont know what it was, maby our lo's are busting some moves in our bellies??
    sorry not much help but just thaught id let you know your not alone image
    shaz xxx
  • has been like it for over 2 hours now!! think its having a party!!
  • aww, lets hope lo hasnt invited any friends!
    my lo is kicking me behind my belly button and its doing my head in, i love to feel him kick and move but this is painfull and is like a weird shock feeling. id do anything for those bubbles right now hehe
    just looking at your scan pic, your lo has its legs in the air like mine! awww xxx
  • yeh haha legs and arms in tha air!!! it freaks me out sometimes when she kicks and i have my hand there and its really strong cos it just feels weird! i can't imagine it when she is bigger!! but i can't wait til i can see a foot coming through!! hehe xx
  • i havent noticed any feet yet either, just a lump pop up when he kicks. last night he kept kicking that nerve again and kept me awake image naughty boy.
    how many weeks are you? xx
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