physio for spd

hiya, i got my first appointment tommorrow and was just wonderin if any one knew wat to expect?


  • i dont know what to expect but i expect i will need this as i can barely walk today in so much pain
  • same ere victoria im strugglin so much now image really just want it to go away
  • yeah i have spoken to a consultant about it when i had a hospital appointment but he just said take paracetomol which does bugger all so i might make a doctors appointment on monday if its no better
  • thats wat my doc said but it doesnt do a thing now?? it took me 6 weeks to get through to my doctor! but some doctors think its all in the mind??? id like to see them docs go through it
  • Hi there

    I had physio for spd. At our hospital is was an spd clinic, they gave out support belts/tubi grip which help take some of the weight off your bump and then gave you hints on how to make it less painful, ie how to get out the car, out of bed etc and basically explained how what you do during the day affects your pain in the evening/nighttime.
    I hope it helps you!
  • Hi, I had spd last time I was pregnant and managed to get one lot of physio before baby arrived. (started at 36 weeks and had baby at 37) At the appointment they just checked where all the pain was and asked if there were any areas that were really bad and noted them down on a diagram of the body. She then talked about ways to help the pain and gave me a support belt. (was also given crutches to use)
  • Hi Bec,

    I was given support belts and excercises to do during the day and told to move my legs together in bed and getting out of the car and things like that. Was also given Codiene for the pain as its stronger than paracetamol.

    I found the whole thing a waste of time to be honest although the belts worked abit when i was out walking.

    Now i'm begging for baby to arrive to get rid of the pain!!

    Heather 38wks xx
  • my first visit was assessment of movement and pain then fitted me with bump belt and giant tubigrip(for night time) gave me 2 exercises and i go back on weds for my 2 week check up
  • im just back now and shes sortin me a support belt for next time i go (monday) and did exercises etc !!!!! was loadsa questions tho image
  • better they ask lots of qs than make you do stuff that hurts
    glad it went ok tho
  • hi girls i am getting odd pains in my pubic bone not really painful just uncomforable im 14 weeks is this how you spd started?

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