Pain - what could it be?

I have this unexplained pain in my hip & not sure what it is! I am 30 weeks and haven't suffered from back pain at all or even had any Braxton hicks. I go out walking regularly and I feel fine, there's no pain when I move at all and haven't even had problems sleeping, I basically feel like normal except for this one thing...and it happens when I'm LYING DOWN! :\?

I sleep on my side usually but have to sleep on my left as when I sleep on the right side my left hip hurts, like a 'shooting' pain when I move...that's the only way to explain it. If I lie on my back to read or something the pain is even worse and if I try to get up from lying down it shoots down my leg and is quite painful!! It is only ever in the left hip the right 1 is fine. It doesn't affect me or anything & it isnt that bad, but I have had it since 16 weeks and its only getting can I be active and fine but when I lie down it hurts?! Has anyone else had this? x


  • do you sleep with a pillow between your legs? if you do try 2.... sounds like the angle is adding pressure on to the joint causing extra discomfort.... either that or try sleeping VERY propped up on your back... ermmmm other than that i'd speak to doc and ask them lol sorry not much help image good luck Hugs Debz x 22+3
  • I would say it's SPD, mine started at abou 18 weeks but wasn't too bad. By the time I was 30 weeks it was horrible and was far worse when I was lying down. Like Debz said, lie with a pillow between your legs and on your side as the pillow keeps the pelvis joint at the correct width apart. Other than that, start taking it easier as it does usually get worse as you get bigger as there is extra weight on your pelvis. Mention it to your midwife too although all they tend to do is refer you to a physio but by the time you get referred it'll be too late for a belt or anything!! Look it up on the internet cos there are plenty of sites with info on it.
    Good luck.
  • I started out with the same pain, it is to do with the extra weight, you will most likely find that over the next few weeks the other hip starts as well. At your next visit with the md explain this to her and she will get you tested for SPD, my results came back positive last week so I now have that as well as the rest! (another story) I have found warm baths a good helper
    take care,
  • hey sweetie,, if you go back a bit on the posts i posted a whole item on spd as im about 2 weeks infront you and have had it since we were 17 weeks gonex ill try find it for you x x
  • i have a very similar condition. i have loose ligaments in the bottom of my back, the ones that hold everything together, they loosen during pregnancy to allow everything to strech. but in some people, the muscles surrounding the ligaments are not strong enough to hold the extra pressure,causing the ligaments to loosen too much. i started with this at 7 weeks pregnant, when all the hormones started kicking in, so its not nessacarily due to the wieght of the baby, although when the baby gets bigger, and it pushes everything, it does tend to get worse. every week i have been going to physio and have just finished a course of acupuncture which seems to have really helped with the pain. its just one of those things really. but the way i look at it, the amount of crippling pain ive had with it for the past 8 months, birth is going to be no problem, afterall, compared to how long ive been like this, labour is so short!! a couple of days at the most!! lol!! it can start at any point in pregnancy, i have recently noticed that my hips click when i turn over in bed so maybe the fact that ur baby is getting so big is causing everything to strech more. but the pain ur describing is awfully similar to mine. just be glad u aint had it for 8 months!! lol!!

    love grace and bump xx
  • Thanks everyone! I had thought about SPD but then thought I couldn't have it as honestly the rest of the day I am in no pain at all unless I lie down. And I know this sounds silly but I thought with SPD it meant u can't open ur legs properly and I tried and had no pain doing so. Soooo weird that it's just 1 hip when I lie down!!

    I will mention it to midwife anyway...I don't think it is bad enough for physio but I'll mention it anyway next week when I go, see what she says

    jema I will try to find that post on SPD! xxx
  • hey i only get it at night to when i try to llay down which im worried about if i go into labour at night but during the day im ok but havent got mw for few weeks yet so ill just have to see i think although my birth ball is helping alot i sit on it more than the sofa now and its more comfy cos you sink into it !!
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