Nursery furniture.. where is yours from?

I've only looked in mammas and pappas and was surprised at how much the furniture is! Looking for ideas so where are you buying yours from, what you buying and how much? x


  • we got our cot bed from toysRus. its the winnie the pooh one (it was ??190 at the time ), our chest of draws (??60) are from argo and a shoe rack (it was no more thant ??20, but cant remember off the top of my head) which we use to put nappies on is from argos too. that is all the furniture we have in the nursery as thats all will fit!

    in our bedroom we have a crib which has been in the family since i was a baby!!! and my sister gave me her moses basket which she bought last year for her little girl. we just bought a new matteress.

    i'd definalty reccomend toysRus!

  • me and oh looked at mamas & papas- but found expensive and not very good quality. We then looked at mothercare, and decided to go with them- the furniture is good quality, and we think a good price- always got some kind of offer on

    We have chosen the James town collection! It was easy to assemble as well


  • Eeeek, I have to admit we got ours from Mamas and Papas! It was in the sale and 50% off but still cost us ??1670 for 6 pieces of furniture, the cot bed mattress, delivery and build. It was alot of money and I do love the furniture but admittedly we could have got some alot lot cheaper! x
  • Re the quality issue I would have to say we found the opposite re Mamas and Papas and Mothercare, our furniture is solid oak and most other furniture just has a veneer coating! x
  • I have the same furniture as Goonie and agree with her - the quality is excellent - but then we went for furniture that is solid oak, maybe the other stuff they sell might not be as good?

    We also got 50% off it and so it was a very good price really.

    I know we could have got something much cheaper - but I don't regret spending the money on it at all (well spending Mum and Dad's money!!!)

    Joo xxx
  • I love the Jamestown collection in Mothercare but Hubby likes another set better (cant remember what its called) Thought he should get some say as I am doing most other things- Like growing the baby!

    So we are ordering out cot from Mothercare next month. We have actually found some nice matching bits but from M&P on ebay and are currently bidding for that.

  • we got our furniture from mothercare, the cream humphreys corner collection. i love it.
  • Got ours from Argos, wood not veneer. ??400 cot bed, wardrobe, drawers and changer top. Mattress was ??100 (mamas and papas from Argos). Really pleased with it.
  • Im having a second hand cot off OHs cousin a mamas and papas one in mint condition for ??15 - new mattress will probably cost about ??30-??40, Moses basket was ??27.50 from an NCT sale with a quilt, matching curtains with tie backs, nappy stacker, cot tidy, gro bag and laundry bag - again in mint condition and a new mattress will cost about ??20, then were getting a chest of drawers and possibly a changing unit probably about ??50 each from argos/ikea. Oh yeah and I wans a dutalier style nursing chair theyre about ??90


  • Have you looked at, sells all different makes on there and normally a bit cheaper as well xx
  • We are very lucky and have the cot, crib and nursing chair all from my parents who have kept the ones they used for me! They are all oak and so look fab! We plan to get a chest of draws wide enough to change the baby on top from Ikea, and also a book case from Ikea. I plan to buy wicker baskets for the book case and will stash things away there. We also have an old wooden trunk that we will keep nappies, baby wipes and towels in so that they are all out of the way. Mum is making curtains and also need to buy a rug from Ikea. So not much to get. Very excited about planning it all! The furniture I buy I will personalise myself with animal stencils to make it look more nursery like! What fun! x
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