Help!! Really worried!

Hi everyone,over the weekend my 6 yr old daughter has developed slapped cheek syndrome. I've just been on the NHS website to see whether she needs to see a Dr and this is what it says......

If you catch parvovirus B19 while you are pregnant, there is only a small chance of it affecting your baby. If you are infected during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, there is an increased risk of miscarriage. If you are infected in weeks 9-20, as well as the 15% risk of a miscarriage, there is also a 3% risk that your baby will develop foetal hydrops. This is a rare, but serious condition that can cause heart failure and anaemia.

Aargh!! I'm worried now as it said that she could have been contagious for 3 weeks before the rash. I've made a Dr app for 11. Has anyone got experience of this?

Kay 10+3 xx


  • Hiya, just read this. Hope it helps in some way.

    "The chances are that you've already had slapped cheek disease, since most people are exposed to the virus in childhood between the ages of three and five. Most (60 per cent) adults in the UK are immune"

    Could you ring your mum and ask her if she remembers you having it. Sorry i haven't any other advice but i hope it all goes well at the Dr's.

    Cat xxx
  • Thanks girls,I think I did have it when I was young but it didn't say on the website whether you are immune after or not....damn nhs lol! Ok,well I'll see what the doc says I think! Thank you though xx
  • Hi honey, i had this problem early on in my pregnancy, while working in an infant school where the majority of the kids had it! My doctor was horrible about it, refused to do a blood test because the risks of any problems were so low and because i'd probably had it. Luckily i've had no problems, i just wanted to warn you that if your doctor is as crap as mine you might have to fight for a blood test! Good luck, i'm sure everything will be fine and i hope you lo is feeling better soon! xx
  • How did your app with the Dr go? Hope all is well xxx

    Cat xxx
  • A lady called the hospital regarding this when i was in for monitoring - if i remember right they asked her to come in to do a blood test but they were not overly concerned as the main worry was that it can cause anaemia (SP) in the baby which they can monitor - based on what the girlies have said about their drs perhaps call the maternity unit for some advice - hope this helps and i am sure all will be fine.
  • hope all went well at your appointment today. xxx
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