Tummy aches and pains

Does any one gets aches and pains in tummy. Sometimes its like period pains and other times it feels like a heavy dragging pain pressing down in the region of the top of my cervix/womb. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and had various scans, all was well with them.


  • I am sure it's just everything going into place, it's just so scarey. I have a huge Fibroid on the outside of the womb, the sonographer pointed this out to me and the aches come from that area occasionally. You read so many stories it really is unnerving. Think i will call doctors.
  • hi, i have aches quite a lot and sometimes its like my whole belly feels heavy and hard. especially at night. I think this is wind though so not too worried. When i asked at 9 weeks the doc said the aches are ligaments and things getting ready and stretching to accomodate the baby!

    Its still worrying though, i plan to ask at my scan in jan just to check that i should still be getting these pains (at 15+5).

    Im sure everythings ok hun, it is normal and its also normal to worry about it. if your really concerned i would give mw/doc a call, if not just for some reassurance.

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