is it safe?

im only 7 an hlf weeks pregnant and im just wonderin if its safe to sleep on my belly?
as its so comfy lol

any advice would be great!

thanks bec x x


  • baby is cushioned and safe sleep hows comfy huni my mom only had a lil bump with my sis and lay on her tummy on the floor to watch tv up until 8months. other than being shallow and selfish she's normal!
  • so early on i would say its fine but i def wouldn't when you have a bump!! later on in preg they say not to sleep on your back either as the weight of the baby/placenta presses on yours and babies blood supply (makes you feel light headed!!) they also say not to lie on your right side for too long too (i don't know why!)the only way i can sleep at the mo is on my left side, anything else is uncomfortable!!

    Samantha 34+5
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