Hi everyone

Congratulations, positive tests normally occur around 4 or 5 weeks, and u will be offered a dating scan probably at ur booking in appt, although it works different in different areas some people have to wait for an appt to cum through the post. I know this is a dead exciting time and it must be killing u not knowing how far gon u r but if u try not to think about it the time might pass quicker, thats wat iv bin trying to do anyway. Kerry xxxxxxx


  • i thought with clear blue tests ect you could test straight away the day you missed your period?? i am sure you dont have to be five weeks pregnant already for it to show on a pregnancy test could be wrong?? i went for a dating scan at eight weeks your gp will arrange an appointment for you and all you do is turn up for the appointment and have a scan to see your gestation hunni and congratulations xxxx
  • i was apparently 3 weeks when i did my test and it was strong and clear mine was only cheapy tescos test... finally have my dating scan it come in yesterday the scan is on weds next week woohoo lol 2 in 3 weeks lol i'm soooo lucky. even better tho my mom went to the 1st with me my oh is going next week and i asked my dad if he'd like to come to my 20 week one as it only us 2 that want to know image he was exstatic to be asked and even more so when he found it would just be the 2 of us image
  • i was 3 weeks wen i did a home test then the doc confirmed it!
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