sorry not pregancy related but just need to rant!!

hi ladies, hope you are all well?

iv just got in from work and i feel awful. i hate work at the moment anyway, i was looking to leave prior to discovering i was pregant but havin to stick it out at the mo. i work with some right idiots (this is the nhs), they cant understand why your annoyed when they just turn up with a patient and then take an hour to send any info, the patient is a chronic alcoholic and under the influence - bloody great. then whenever you ask anyone anythin they look at you like you are a complete prat.

to top things off i work with a right bitch who i swear gets up extra early to devise devious methods of makin my workin life a bloody misery. i have had to apologise to 2 people today for been a complete bitch myself and that is not good. i want to cry whenever i finish work cos i jut feel like im not copin.

i havent slept in in 2 nights thanks to chronic heartburn and leg cramps, i am vile to live with and a right grumpy cow. part of me wants to start my maternity leave now as im strugglin so much but at the mo, i cant afford to do that if i want more time off after the birth of lo.

part of me is worried i wont bond witht the baby if i feel like this now. damn work and hormones. feel a bit better now. thanks for lettin me rant. xxx


  • Hi babyfizz, poor you, sounds like you are having a right struggle!How far on are you? Could you not just call in sick for a couple of days to give yourself some breathing space. If you are not sleeping, couple of days would give you some rest time.
    Sounds like you need to speak to someone at your work (HR or personnel) and look at what/how you are working. If you are really unable to cope, you need to tell them and insist on making changes to your working life.
    Failing that, start your mat leave early! It's only money and I am sure you will amange.
    For just now, get your head down and your feet up and take it easy in front of some crappy tv!
  • Hope you feel better after your rant hun, I normally do.
    As caffine is meant to be bad when pregnant I have discoverd Yorkshire tea make a de-caffinated version that tastes no differt to normal, try it with some crappy tv (as suggested by mummym) and some ginger nuts.


  • im 30 weeks today and 10 weeks, although i now is very long, seems an off for 3 days after tomorrow's late shift.
    iv already had 3 weeks off with stress at the start of my maternity leave. i think its ironic i work in a carin profession but we are so bad at lookin after each other. if it gets much worse im goin on the sick til mat leave kicks in. its better than commitin hari cari lol- i work in mental health so at times can be so goin in the bath soon to chill my very angry ass out!!
    hope your ok xxx
  • it was meant to say i know 10 weeks isnt very long. iv also been writin the word sleep alot when i dont mean to today, how subconcious i that. il defo try the tea as at the mo i will try anythin!!!xxx
  • Be wary of going off on the sick, cos some companies can insist you start your mat leave if you are signed off after a certain point.
  • Babyfizz I have felt like this too and I know it isn't nice. I have 8 more weeks at work and although I will miss my class when I go, part of me is looking forward to getting away from all the moaning, bitching and back stabbing! (school is going through a lot of changes at the mo and things aren't nice). I sometimes cry when I get in bed and poor hubby must be sick of me! I usually find after a good cry I feel better. Hope you cheer up soon.

  • I know how you are feeling babyfizz, I have been really stressed out by work as well and feeling really down, pregnancy is so tiring anyway without all the extra tension. At the moment I'm even struggling to get excited about the baby just because work seems to be taking every minute of my time and all my energy, I know that sounds awful but it gets difficult to stay positive.
    Anyways, you're not alone in feeling this way but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end, hope you have a really relaxing break from work on your days off- look after yourself!
  • Babyfizz - just wanted to say 'WELCOME TO LATE PREGNANCY'!!!!

    I've been a complete nightmare all the way through this pg, but I'm getting worse on a daily basis. I have absolutely no tolerance level and would end up being done for grevious bodily harm if I worked in mental health for the nhs!!!

    Hope you're feeling a bit more chilled now....

    33+5 (and counting down the hours, minutes and seconds)
  • hi babyfizz!
    i also work in the NHS and after 3 kids, just may be able to help!!
    dont forget, you can now take 9 months paid mat leave, but you are still entitled to ALL your holiday entitlement for the year. can you finish on A/L now if you dont want to go off sick? if it is stress related they cannot make you start your mat leave, but i am fairly sure they cant do that nowadays anyway (the law changed a couple of years ago).
    as long as you have continuous NHS service (might be for the same trust tho' but dont think so - fortunately i have always loved where i am) you dont need to go back to that ward if you get another job when you have had your baby. oh, and tell the evil cow where to stick it!!
    if you are worried about the money, you can take your mat pay spread over the 9 months (i dont know if this is just NHS). i go back next monday on "keeping in touch" days. i can do max of 10 shifts and not lose my smp
    if you type "statutory maternity pay" into your search engine it will tell you your smp rights - i tried to copy & paste, but the link wont pick up!
    also try your HR dept, or trust intranet to see what they say
    good luck!!
  • thanks for all the advice and support it might sound bad but its so good to feel im not the only one feelin so stressed. im on a late shift today so at least i got a lie in.
    hope you are all feelin better to. xxx
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