2/5 engaged?

Hi Ladies,

What does it mean if baby's head is 2/5 engaged? I'm only 34+6 and MW seemed quite surprised when she felt for the baby and said his head was already engaged. She didn't tell me I was 2/5 I just noticed it in my notes afterwards.

Have tried googling it but keep coming up with different explanations as to whether he has another 3/5 or if its the other way round!

Also does the baby stay in this position now or can they move out of it? And does it mean he might be early?

Sorry for all the questions, hope someone can help!



  • Don't know sorry, would be worth posting in baby tho as theyve already been there. xx
  • Hi Rach,

    Im 4/5ths engaged which means that the MW can feel 4/5ths of the baby's head so 3/5ths of your baby's head is in your pelvis-your MW can feel 2/5ths of the head still.

    I don't know if it means your lo may come early. I don't think it does, i think, with your first, this can happen weeks in advance and i don't think baby can move out of the pelvis once it starts to decend.

  • Hiya,
    Different healthcare professionals write the assessment in one of two different ways. One way is to record what is "palpable" ie, how much of the head they can feel - so if they write "2/5 palpable" that means that they can feel 2/5 of the baby's head therefore making the head 3/5 engaged. However, if they write "2/5 engaged" then that means exactly the opposite, that they can feel (palpate) 3/5 of the head - obviously then the head IS 2/5 engaged. I dont think this does mean the baby will come early as some ppl's engage really early and they still go overdue.

    At my mw appt this week my mw stated that baby's head was 1/5 engaged so she 4/5 of the head were palpable - only the very top of his head has dropped down into my pelvis.

    Hope this helps.

    Becky x

  • Hi,

    I've not experienced it myself but I have heard that even if the baby's head has engaged he/she can unengage again so its not a sure sign of an earlier labour.

    MrsW 33 weeks today !
  • hi

    5/5 (free) is least engaged and 0/5 most engaged. 2/5 means they can only feel 2/5 of the head, so 3/5 of the head is in ur pelvis. as far as i'maware they dont un engage. once they engage they going in that direction. doesn't necessarily mean u'll go early tho, some ppl find they are fully engaged a good few weeks before baby arrives. xx 35+4
  • Thanks for your replies! I was getting quite excited about the prospect of meeting him soon but I guess as he's not fully cooked yet its not a bad thing that the level of engagement doesn't mean labour will start soon!

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