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GTT test

Can someone please explain to me EVERYTHING about the GTT test what happens, what the result mean etc?

Shell xx


  • You have a blood test first thing in the morning (cannot eat for 12 hours before hand and can only drink water) and then you have to drink the glucose solution (some hospitals use lucozade i think but mine didn't and the solution does taste really horrible). Then you have to sit around for 2 hours in the waiting room and still not eat anything and not walk around too much and after the long 2 hours is up, they take more blood to see how yourbody has reacted to the extra glucose. I was just told by the midwife that my results had been normal and there was nothing to worry about. Hope this helps Shell.
  • Honeyboo has covered it but I just wanted to say that that stuff I had to drink was fine. It was kind of like the too strong, squash type drinks you get from coffee vending machines. I was surprised at how much of it I had to drink though so maybe mine was watered down quite a bit. If you are worried about the taste you could always ask to dilute it more.

    The main thing is that the 2 hour wait is dull because you aren't allowed to walk around.

    x 38 weeks
  • i had my test done about 36 weeks as they thought baby was bigger than average. i also had scans done before the GTT which also showed a big baby. i had no symtoms though like sugar in urine, thirst etc. you starve from the night before, no drinks allowed either. my test was done in the hospital first thing in the morning. they took blood, urine, blood pressure listened to baby. i had to then drink a small glass of what tasted like watered down icing sugar within a ten min window. that down just relaxed for the next 3 hours reading mags and had a snooze. then more bloods, urine blood pressure taken. i didnt get my results till next day but mine were all ok. baby was big (10lbs 1 oz) but not because of GTT.
  • thanks guy. Sounds very boring haha im rubbish when im bored anyway lol. Im sure mine hospital said lucozade thank gosh, it worries me thought the not eating thing coz although ive never had morning sickness as such if i get hungry i feel very sick and last few week am hungry all the time i feel sick in the morning until i eat. xx
  • Oh also - make sure you take food with you so you can eat something straight after.

  • hey hun

    the girls have said it all. mine tasted like one of the energy gel packs runners have to keep them going on long distance runs! it wasn't bad at all. Test was nothing really and the waiting was fine (went through a few mags!)

    The worst thing for me was feeling incredibly faint afterwards as i obviously hadn't had breakfast that morning so by the time i was able to eat again it was 11:30 (bearing in mind i hadn't eaten since 10pm the night before). I felt so faint and weak i could hardly talk. i walked to work straight after having the test as the hosp is only 10 mins walk away and by the time i got to my desk i was so weak i couldn't speak to the guy who sits next to me. i then proceeded to eat a ridiculous amount of food but it took HOURS before i felt back to normal again. my body really didn't like being without food for so long! I was 26 wks when i had the test so i guess bubs was having a bit of a growth spurt.

    so my advice would definitely be to take food with you so that as soon as your 2nd test is done, you can feed yourself and baby.

    hope all goes well chick
    R xx
  • Another tip if you are having the lucozade that my midwife gave me before I went -
    Buy the 'original' lucozade (has to be original) and open it the previous eveing so that it goes flat. Drinking that much fizzy drink so early in the morning would make it even more yuk!

    I also had the three hour test. So bloods before having the drink - 5 mins to drink the lucozade - hang around for 3 hrs - bloods taken again at the 3 hr mark.

    I got the results within 3 days. Was negative. I think they test everyone who looks like they're having a big baby in my area!

  • HI I was tested due to increased BMI and the fact that mum has Type 2 Diabetes, it's exactly as others have said above, make sure it's original lucozade (they measure it out in a jug) and take plenty to read/do as it's boring sitting there for 2 hours, i wasn't told i couldn't walk about but luckily my cousin works in the hospital so she came and sat with me for a bit. also definitely take something to eat straight away as I was past myself by the time i got something to eat!

    my results came back that i have developed Gestational Diabetes, they were very quick to refer me to the diabetic clinic and had me straight back in the next day for a growth scan which showed that the baby had a slightly larger than average abdo circumference (which is one of the big worries), they got me straight on insulin and metformin which i thought was bit extreme to start with but a scan and appt 4 weeks later revealed that the meds plus my careful diet had controlled things and everything was back to normal. the diabetic and foetal consultants were both so happy with the results they haven't needed to see me anymore. I had a final scan last week (at 37 weeks) with the foetal guy and he's booked me in for induction tomorrow (exactly 38 weeks), if your test does come back positive then you won't be allowed to go full term, i think the main reason for this is that i have to be medicated with insulin and glucose through labour so they like to have it planned. It will not be the labour i was wanting but if they hadn't discovered the GD then i would have probably ended up having a huge baby with possible complications. (the baby measured 6lb approx last week). Everyone has been great with me through this so there really isn't anything to worry about if it does come back as GD

    hope this helps a little bit xxx
  • thank you so much for your replies they really helped as i really has no idea what to expected at all. Ill remember to pack lots to and something to eat for after.
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