does spd make the birth more painful?

hi i have spd and luckily has only been really bad the last few weeks and i only have 3 to go, but just wondering if it is so painful just now, would pushing a baby out not be even more painful than normal? my physio isnt until im 38wks (not too helpful) and i suppose i could have given birth by then, but just wondered if anyone has been told how it will affect the birth?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • Hi...I wouldnt say its more painful, mine wasnt but my baby was back to back so that was painful enough. I suppose the only thing that would make it more painful is opening you legs so maybe you could give birth leaning over the back of the bed or squatting. my first labour was worse than the second and my second pregnancy was where i was worse with SPD. Both my baby's were back to back xx
  • I was wondering about this as well as I get really bad pelvic pain when in any sort of laying down position. Luckily walking around isn't too painful at mo. Think I'm going to try and deliver either standing or on all fours but am quite worried about finding a comfortable position.

  • hi

    i had spd with my frist and it is not nice. by the time i was 37 wks i could hardly walk so they induced me and gave me an epidural really early so when i opened my legs i could not feel it.

  • hi ive got spd n askd consultant yesterday n HE said it actually helps as it means there is more room in the pelvis to get baby out. but he has a penis n therefore probably not all that knolledgeable about what is gonna hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I had SPD when I gave birth to my second daughter and I was advised to get on all fours or kneel and NOT to give birth on my back. On your side is also supposed to be another good one, or if you can, a water birth. I would'nt say it hurt ne more than the first time round, probably less actually. I did'nt have ne pain relief with either of them. I'm now on my 3rd and suffering form SPD again! Has come on alot sooner this time round tho and alot more painful. I'm planning on giving birth kneeling on the floor again, with arms round oh. That way you don't have to spread your legs too far apart. Good luck with your birth hun! x x x
  • I too have SPD and am worrying about this. Its really painful already and im only 23+4 so i dunno if i can handle another 16 weeks of this.

    Ive been given a stupid tubi grip and some painkillers.

    It seems to do nothing.

    Its it common to be induced with SPD????
  • hi spd is sympysis pubis disfunction, its where the you have pain in your pelvis/pubic area and back, due changes in your pelvis during pregnancy. i have it this time but didnt have it last time. i dont htink there is any way of knowing if you are gonna get it, but if you experience pain in these areas, particularly when walking or when opening legs (say to get in and out of car) then speak to your mwife who will refer you to physio. hope that helps. someone else might be able to explain it better x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • When did you all develop SPD??

    Ive been having the pains for about 4-6 weeks now but i was only diagnosed yesterday.

    Im only 23weeks 4days.

    I dunno how im meant to cope with 16 more weeks like this image xxx
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