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Feeling a bit down now :(

Hi Girls

I'm feeling a bit down this afternoon. I'm now 38+3 and went to the hospital for a scan this morning and was told that the amniotic fluid has gone really low. I've got to go back next week for another scan. I don't really know how this affects anything if at all but it has just made me really sad. Its probably just my hormones as I normally face any problems head on but this afternoon I just feel like shutting myself in a room and telling the world to pee off! Thats not like me at all! I've got another couple of problems that I need to tackle (not pregnancy related) but I just can't face it at the moment.

Sorry rant over!



  • Oh hun, not a lot I can say really.

    I'm sure if the hospital were really concerned they'd keep you in to monitor it/want to bring baby out early? I think it's easy to feel down at this time anyway (i know by 38 weeks with my other two I was fed up). Hope you sort throught things and start to feel more postive soon.

  • Just wanted to say that you need a nice night in with some choc and a big brew. You'll have a lovely baby within a month!

    Lots of hugs and prayers x x x
  • I'm 37 weeks today and the last week or so I've been really emotional like back how I was in 1st tri. I think it's a v hormonal time again, and we're all tired and uncomfortable. so it's normal to feel that way.
    i'd phone your MW if you want to talk more about what's going on with the fluid levels
  • Hi hun just gatecrashing from born in jan.
    my waters broke at 25 weeks n i ended up getting to 34 thankfully but by the time i was 33 weeks i had no fluid left at all.
    just wanted to reassure u really, jasmine came out a good 5lb 12 and has done fantastiaclly. she had no problems other than preemie related and none to do with me having low fluid for 9 weeks if not more.
    hope everything turns out ok for u. good luck and try not to worry xxxx nat xxx
  • Thanks for your replies! I feel so much better about things today. I think it was just the hormones creeping up on me yesterday! I'm having to do a kick chart which has made me slightly paranoid but I'm doing my best to stay relaxed and chilled. xx
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