Dental Injections During Pregnancy

Hi, I've been trying to google this and keep coming up with conflicting opinions. i went to my dentist last week and was advised I needed a filling. because of the awkwardness of the position, he is not sure if he will be able to do a white filling (apparently it has to be kept dry and because it is at the back of my mouth this is harder), or a metal one. I stupidly didn't say anything about being pregnant because it just didn't seem relevant. Though I did mention it to the receptionist when I was paying because i was hoping to get the treatment free! (sadly not, as I am private and the pratcice I use doesn't have an NHS contract). She didn't say anything about not being able to have the filling at all, but when i went to work, a number of people mentioned that you shouldn't have fillings when pregnant. is this right?

Some opinions seem to agree with this and some seem to say it's only the first trimester that is risky (I will be 17+4) when I have the appt for the work and will of couse tell him. he's a agreat dentist and i trust him to do the right thing, but just wondered if I should find out and cancel in adavnce so that I don't waste his or my time. Anyone have any ideas??


  • your fine to have fillings when pregnant hunn not sure about metal ones though as my dentist only put in temporary ones till baby is born there was a post about this in the last week or so and one of the ladies on here is a dental nurse and she said its fine
    claire x

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  • I'm going to have a filling on Friday,the dentist said that the injections and filling itself is fine. I was hoping to get away without it for another few months! xx 19+5
  • I had to have a filling, and it was a white one as near front and don't do amalgam (metal) fillings at front, but I was told metal fillings are not safe in pregnancy as a precaution cos of the mercury. x
  • hiya

    im a dental nurse...its fine to have injections while pregnant although your dentist may prefer not to do a metal filling as it does contain mercury, it would be better if you could have a white one, yes they need to keep your mouth as dry as poss so the filling sticks to the tooth better but if you mention your preg and he cannot do a white one, he may just put a tempory one in until after baby is born, they dont contain mercury and its not as important to keep your mouth as dry while placing the tempory.

    hope this helps.

    ashy 11+4
  • I had a temporary filling cos dentist said i couldn't have a metal one whilst pregnant. he said the risk isn't huge but prefered not to do it
  • Ah that's great thanks ladies! I will let him know and then he can make a judgment on whether to do a temporary one. Spittingfairy mine is on Friday as well, was hoping someone would say noooooo definitely no fillings or injections and I could put it off a while too! xx
  • I was going to have a white one - but the dentist did a metal one in the end due to the size of the hole - he did it all without injections though as he said that was his preference! TBH - I am glad as I think the pain from having the injection would have been worse than the pain from the filling lol image
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